UN-Forgotten Characters: Gauntlet

Hey guys, the Gauntlet is back!

Being the enormous comic book geek that I am, I happen to fall in love with a lot of random, obscure characters that pop up through ongoing series. Sometimes they’re just background nonsense. Sometimes they’re an awesome supporting character that doesn’t get brought along when the creative team changes. When that is the case, I started this Forgotten Characters article series to highlight some of my favorites that disappeared over the years.

Well now I’m pleased to report that one of those Forgotten Characters has returned!

Gauntlet Returns 01

His gauntlet is looking funkier than ever

The Gauntlet has reappeared in the newest issue of Tony Stark – Iron Man! This makes perfect sense, considering the Gauntlet’s creator, Dan Slott, is the new writer for Iron Man!

Join me after the jump for all the awesome details!

For those who don’t remember, Gauntlet is the former drill instructor from Camp Hammond, which was the superhero training camp for registered heroes after the passage of the Superhuman Registration Act. He is Afghanistan war vet Joseph Green, who came upon an alien power gauntlet while on patrol, and now he’s bonded to this giant right-hand power weapon.

Gauntlet was last seen around 2010, when he was set back into combat in Afghanistan following the end of Norman Osborn’s Dark Reign.

But now he’s back, working as private security for super villain Sunset Bain!

Gauntlet Returns 02

How long has Dan Slott been waiting to make that joke?

Tony Stark recognizes him when they get into a fight and tries to make peace with him for old time’s sake, but Green ain’t hearing it! Seems he’s had something of a falling out with the military, and he’s more than happy to take on a job and earn an honest living.

Gauntlet Returns 03

Sure, take on Iron Man, that always works out

The Gauntlet ends the issue knocked out, and perhaps that’s the last we’ll see of him, but I hope not. I want Slott to really own his original character here, to make him an ongoing subplot or reoccurring adversary in Tony Stark – Iron Man! How cool would that be?

And you best believe I hope Slott does the same for Gauntlet’s counterpart, Southpaw! She is bonded with the left-hand doohickey and was a supporting character in Slott’s She-Hulk comic way back in the day. Slott has never brought the two characters together before.

Now that he’s such a big shot at Marvel, is he finally going to bring them together? I honestly expect Slott to have Southpaw show up in his Fantastic Four comic. Then we’ll really be off to the races with this obscure, micro-trivia that I love so much!


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