Good News, Everybody! They Didn’t Kill Strong Guy!

A couple months ago, I was really worried that Marvel was going to kill Strong Guy in their New Mutants comic. It just seemed inevitable. I don’t normally get to have nice things in comics.

But good news! The issue in question came out this week and Strong Guy lived! Isn’t that great?

Strong Guy Lives 01

Trust me, it’s great

Of course, somebody else died, so it sucks for fans of that character. But that’s not me. For once, I got what I wanted, and I was wrong earlier. I’m man enough to admit when I’m wrong.


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  1. Congrats to all of us. I think everyone on that plane made it…except for the pilot, sadly.

  2. I’m also relieved Karma didn’t die. But also frustrated that a story that should focus on Karma just doesn’t have her at all. The villain is her brother, who she killed in her debut appearance, and she’s only shown up in a cameo at the end of the first issue, and that is so stupid. This is her story, and she’s still not allowed to be a part of it.

    • Sorry man, I know the pain of desperately wishing your favorite X-character had more appearances.

      • In this case, it’s not just that I wish Karma got used more. She’s great and should be used more, but that’s not the big problem here. The problem here is that it’s a story that, by all rights, should have Karma as a major character, and she’s completely sidelined.

        The villain is the brother she killed. His motivation seems to have a lot to do with her, too. So why the hell has she only appeared in a single scene in the first issue? By all rights, this should be HER story. Not someone else’s story, but Karma’s story.

        And yet. Halfway through, and she’s been basically absent.

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