The Lost Park: Jurassic World is Starting to Look Dumb

Fyi, I refuse to use the title Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. What a dumb name. Why not stick to classic Jurassic Park movie naming conventions? The original sequel was The Lost World: Jurassic Park. So this sequel should be The Lost Park: Jurassic World.

Whatever the name is, a new trailer arrived yesterday and it looks super dumb!

First of all, the trailer spoils everything we’d already been told about the movie. When the first trailer came out, everybody assured us that the trailer didn’t give away the movie — only for this trailer to give it all away. And it looks dumb! And Jeff Goldblum is probably only in one single scene and probably never interacts with the new characters.

But it’s still probably going to make a ton of money.

Jurassic Park is the only really great dinosaur franchise. Why focus on making weird genetically altered super dinosaurs? That just turns them into general kaiju movie monsters and not simply dinosaurs!


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