Multiple Man Did Not Really Return…Yet…Again

A couple weeks ago, I got super hyped up because the dead Multiple Man made a cameo appearance in Phoenix Resurrection – The Return of Jean Grey. At the time, we didn’t know what these cameos meant and I got my hopes up that Jamie Madrox would finally come back to life!

Well the latest issue explains that all these dead X-Men cameos are just weird manifestations of the Phoenix. At least Multiple Man looks cool in red.

Madrox Maybe Returns 02

It’s at least a close visual proximation

Also, while we’re on the subject, why did they pick Colossus for the one-panel fight against Madrox? Strong Guy, Multiple Man’s best friend, is in that same group of X-Men fighting off these dead Phoenix manifestations. Not that this comic needs to address those characters in any way, but for a single throwaway panel, it would have been nice!

Looks like we go back to waiting for Multiple Man’s eventual return to comics.

In good news, Bleeding Cool ran an article a couple weeks ago about Marvel trademarking the name ‘Multiple Man’, so that’s got to be a good sign!

Also, while we’re on the subject of Phoenix Resurrection – The Return of Jean Grey, I really, really dislike Old Man Logan. He is just such a horrible character inserted into the regular Marvel Universe. It’s like everybody is just pretending he’s regular Logan!

On this page, Young Scott Summers has volunteered to go in and confront the Phoenix. But Old Man Logan talks him out of it for one specific reason:

Old Man Logan Sucks 01

He’s still not wearing a costume!

Are you kidding me?! She’s not your Jean Grey either, you stupid alternate reality character! I know this is being pedantic and nitpicky fanboyish of me, but the fact that everybody keeps treating Old Man Logan like he’s regular Wolverine really sticks in my craw. Did I miss some issue where he tricked everybody into thinking he was regular Wolverine, just really old? Do they not know he’s from an alternate reality?


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  1. Another big problem with that Logan moment: The fact that it basically dismisses every single relationship Jean’s had that didn’t involve boning. How many of her close friends were there, and the decision on who to talk to her came down to two alternate versions of dudes who boned her? Seriously?

    Storm. One of her oldest, dearest friends. Why couldn’t Storm have gone in? Beast, Iceman, and Polaris have all known her since the old days. Colossus, Nightcrawler, Rogue, and plenty more characters there have long friendships with her. Any one of them could’ve gone in.

    But nope. Instead, we get YET ANOTHER round of Jean-related dick-measuring between Scott and Logan. Because the only relationships Jean’s ever had that matter are about who she’s boned.

  2. Also, can we address how Old Man Logan has wanted to stab Madrox since the first time they met? Not only did they not bring him back but it was such a F-U to Madrox fans. I feel like Marvel is trolling Madrox fans sometimes

    • I also used the phrase Madrox fans too much. It just really annoyed me. Also The real Jamie isnt dead.

    • That comment from Old Man Logan bugged me, too! First of all, show some respect for the dead. Second of all, Madrox’s best friend is RIGHT THERE helping you out! And, of course, nobody bats an eye at Old Man Logan’s antics.

      I kind of chalk it up to the alternate Madrox dupes from the Old Man Logan reality, as portrayed in the new Old Man Hawkeye series. Perhaps he’s just miffed at having to deal with those villains all the time.

      Also, I’m OK with saying that the real Jamie is dead. It’s fine if they want to kill him. I just think it’s a dumb kill, and I think they’re clearly going to bring him back at some point. Just gotta bide my time.

  3. My only problem with accepting that that was the real Jamie is that it retroactively wipes out his entire story arc from the last 10(?) years.

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