I Need to Stop Getting My Hopes Up With X-Men Rosters

If you haven’t heard yet, the original Jean Grey is going to come back from the dead next month. I have no real opinions on this turn of events. For one, characters coming back from the dead in comics is second nature, especially with the X-Men. For two, I’ve never cared about Jean Grey. Was she ever her own person? Can anybody tell me any personality traits or character trivia that is specific to the original Jean Grey that warrants her coming back?

Anyway, once Jean is back, she’s going to star in a new X-Men team book called X-Men: Red, to go along with the Blue and Gold books already seeing print. Why does the X-Men line need another team book? I dunno.

The important thing is, the reason I’m writing this post, is because Marvel once again did a big, day-long tease about what random X-characters would be on the X-Men: Red roster. As if the lineup matters.

And me, being a fool, got my hopes up that one of my favorite characters would be on the team. But none of them are.

XMenRed 01

Let’s see. We’ve got Jean Grey, obviously. She’s joined by Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Gabby, Namor, Gentle and new character Trinary, which is a really dumb name. The book will be written by Tom Taylor, with art by Mahmud Asrar. I like both of those creators, so I’ll probably pick up the first few issues, especially since Tom Taylor bringing both Laura and Gabby to an X-Men team sounds like fun!

But suffice to say, I don’t care about any of the other team members, especially after getting my hopes up. In fact, I kind of hate the fact that Marvel is putting Prince Namor back on an X-Men team. That is a personal comic book pet peeve of mine. He does not belong there.

In the end, this is just another example of what I’ve come to dub the X-Men Assembly Line. Slap together a new title made of adjectives and cobble together a roster of seemingly randomly selected X-characters. Rinse and repeat ad infinitum. Hopefully, someday, characters like Multiple Man, Mimic or Strong Guy will get to be randomly chosen! I’ll even take Maggott.


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  1. Honestly? I’m just happy Logan isn’t on the team. I’m glad to have Laura as the team’s Wolverine. Gabby along for the ride is excellent.

    Though Namor wearing a shirt is just a gross misunderstanding of the character.

    • I am pretty surprised that Marvel didn’t put the newly resurrected Wolverine on Jean’s team. I thought for sure that’s what they’d do. Scott’s dead, so why not have the great Wolverine finally claim Jean Grey as his own! And yes, that would be super sexist of them, but I still see it happening.

      • Jean/Logan is one of the few ships I outright hate. There’s plenty of ships I don’t like, but whatever. Jean/Logan. HATE IT. SO MUCH. It’s a shitty, stupid, awful ship, one that resulted primarily from Claremont being a petty, whiny ass about the Scott/Maddie marriage being screwed over by editorial.

        So, yeah, I would be quite happy to see those two kept apart. Jean can find a different boyfriend. I still think a normal human boyfriend would be neat for her.

      • I couldn’t agree more! I’ve always disliked that idea. Granted, I don’t know the history of it like you do, but it always just annoyed me, the whole idea of Wolverine swooping in and actively trying to steal another hero’s girlfriend/wife.

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