A Day of Trailers!

Yesterday, Comic Con unleashed a virtual torrent of movie and TV trailers. They’ve been doing it all weekend, in fact. And if I were more of a professional, and was getting paid to post stuff online, I probably would have flooded this blog with a million trailer posts yesterday! But I’m neither of those things, so I’m just gonna dump them all right here, right now, in one big post. That’s probably better for all of you!

First up, Thor: Ragnarok!

That trailer was brilliant. Nothing short of a masterpiece in trailer construction. Funny, action-packed, giving just hints of the story, with plenty of other hints about how much fun we’re going to have watching Thor 3. Hulk looks amazing, and yet somehow, Thor comes off as even cooler. I’m very much looking forward to this!

Next up, Justice League!

That trailer was dark garbage. Complete opposite from Thor: Ragnarok. It’s all slow-motion and darkness, with a couple attempted zingers thrown in to try and appeal to the Marvel crowd. I can see why the Super DC Fanboys might love this trailer, but it does little to nothing for me. None of the characters look interesting and none of the action looks fun. It looks like Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice retrofitted to include more forced humor.

I’m definitely excited for Stranger Things, season 2!

Looks amazing! They were smart to start filming right away, since those kids all still look like kids. Season 3 is going to be in the throes of puberty. But season 2 looks great! Bigger monsters! Bigger mysteries! More Eleven! Can’t wait for this one!

I’m not too impressed, yet, with Star Trek: Discovery.

I was never a big Star Trek fan. In fact, I’ve never seen any of the series, save for maybe a few random episodes. So Discovery will be my first real watching of a Star Trek TV show. And it looks neat, but the trailers haven’t really captured me. I’m also a little disappointed that it’s set before all the other shows. That’s always a dumb idea. Not sure why they keep going back to it.

On the other hand, Orville looks hilarious!

Watch everybody love Orville, Seth MacFarlane’s Star Trek parody, more than they like Star Trek: Discovery. This show looks fun and has way more energy than Discovery, with special effects that seem on par. This should be pretty great!



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