The 6 Best Trench Coats in Comics

No capes! Such are the immortal words of Edna Mode, someone who knew a thing or two about superhero fashion. But if you can’t wear a kickass cape to accentuate your costume, what are you supposed to do? How about the 21st century’s answer to the superhero cape, the trench coat!

Trench List 01


Tough, stylish, foreboding; the trench coat is a badass staple of fiction. From our Dick Tracys to our Sam Spades to the Gang on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. A good trench coat is a perfect fashion accessory, simulating the look of a cape but not being so on-the-nose superheroic. You can still wear a colorful costume and fight crime, but now you can also look super cool!

Join me after the jump for the 6 coolest trench coat-wearing superheroes!

6. Midnighter

Trench List 02

It’s had its fair share of blood on it

Black, hardcore and rugged, Midnighter needed something special to separate him from Batman. Midnighter is a brawler extraordinaire and needs a costume to match. His black trench coat fulfills every need.

5. Multiple Man

Trench List 03

It never ends

When Multiple Man started out, he just wore a skintight bodysuit with his logo up and down the torso, arms and legs. It was a neat look. But then the 90s happened and he needed a style upgrade, so they gave him a new bodysuit and tossed a nifty green trench coat on top. Why green? Who knows. But Multiple Man has been wearing stylish trench coats and dusters ever since.

4. The Question

Trench List 04

The tie completes the outfit

If you’re gonna be a comic book gumshoe with no face, you definitely need a classic private dick look to go along with that. The Question — both male and female — rock a pretty awesome blue trench coat and fedora. That’s a classic combination for a weirdly classic character.

3. Jubilee

Trench List 05

She makes it look shiny

Yellow trench coats are totally a thing! And I’m pretty sure that’s not a rain slicker. Jubilee was on the cutting edge of trench coat fashion in the late 80s and early 90s. I can’t speak for other mallrats of that era and whether or not they wore trench coats, but Jubilation Lee made it work! Wolverine isn’t afraid to wear yellow, so why should Jubilee be?

2. John Constantine

Trench List 06

Every pocket is hiding cigarettes

John Constantine’s worn old trench coat might not be as iconic as some others on this list, but can any other such coat claim as much work? This thing is a workhorse, getting John through the toughest of times. You’ve got to look good when dancing with devils and arguing with angels, and Constantine makes it look easy with that coat.

1. Gambit

Trench List 07

Every pocket is hiding playing cards

The one, the only, the most iconic trench coat in comics! The ragin’ Cajun Gambit practically invented wearing a trench coat in comics, even though he probably wasn’t the first. Doesn’t matter, Gambit staked his claim and stands by it! He’s probably the coolest cat to ever be called an X-Man, and the trench coat plays a big part in that. Though I can’t really justify the odd mishmash of colors and designs Gambit wore under the coat.


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