6 Things I Want to See in a Venom Movie

Out of the blue, Sony announced a premiere date for their long-in-gestation Venom movie. They’ve even classified it as a ‘sci-fi/horror’ movie and plan to start production in the Fall. Maybe they’re actually going to go through with it, or maybe it’s all just smoke and mirrors to make Sony’s movie division look better for an upcoming sale. Whatever the case may be, it’s perfect for wild blog speculation!

Venom Movie List 01

He’s just a pawn in someone else’s game

I’m as much of a Venom fan as the next person. I love the living costume idea. I loved the Lethal Protector phase back in the 90s. Heck, I even love a bunch of the minor spin-off symbiotes. And considering Sony is now partnering with Marvel for their Spider-Man properties, I would be thrilled if this Venom movie is real and ties into Spider-Man: Homecoming!

So join me after the jump for my ideas on what we should see in a Venom movie! And I’d love to hear your own ideas in the comments!

6. Base it off the MCU Spider-Man, even if Sony already said it won’t

Venom Movie List 02

Did you hear there’s a new movie coming out?

It should go without saying that Sony should defer to Marvel when it comes to all Spider-Man movie properties. It should go without saying, but I’m saying it anyway. I don’t know what kinds of shenanigans Hollywood gets up to. It seems entirely possible that Sony is only loaning the Spider-Man character to Marvel, and that they think they can do everything else on their own. Maybe that’s how it is, but I hope not. I hope everybody involved is smart enough to base any Venom movie off the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Tom Holland’s Peter Parker. Maybe he’ll get the symbiote/costume in the upcoming Infinity War movie, maybe not. But make Venom part of the same universe!

5. Combine 616 symbiote origin with Ultimate Eddie Brock origin

Venom Movie List 04

This was surprisingly good

I am not a purist when it comes to Venom’s origin story. He doesn’t have to be an alien. But it would be cool if he was. If we base the movie off the MCU, aliens already exist, and an alien symbiote coming to Earth wouldn’t be too far-fetched. So I would be perfectly fine with Peter Parker getting the Venom symbiote in Avengers: Infinity War and bringing it back to Earth for a Venom movie.

But if you’re going to do that, then go with the Ultimate Eddie Brock origin. It’s much better. In the regular 616 comics, Eddie Brock is an asshole newspaper reporter who gets embarrassed by Spider-Man and swears revenge because of a newspaper story. But in Ultimate Spider-Man comics, Eddie Brock is a childhood friend of Peter Parker because their fathers worked together. Peter has since forgotten about Eddie, but when he stumbles upon some old family photos, Aunt May tells him all about the kid. Peter finds Eddie in college and they try to re-establish their friendship, only for Eddie to be something of a jerk.

Venom Movie List 03

You can tell he’s evil because of the shifty eyes

However, I don’t recommend the Ultimate Venom origin. In that story, the ‘symbiote’ is a cure for cancer that Peter and Eddie’s fathers were working on before they died, and Eddie has now attempted to continue the project. It’s not as cool an origin as alien symbiote.

So have Peter bring the alien symbiote back with him to Earth; have him reconnect with his old childhood friend, Eddie Brock; have Eddie turn out to be something of a jerk; and have the symbiote find Eddie and push his anti-Peter hatred to new heights!

4. Eddie Brock, and only Eddie Brock

Venom Movie List 05

You should see his ’90s mullet

Eddie Brock is a great Venom host. And while there have been some solid follow-up hosts, Eddie Brock is still the best. He’s perfectly villainous, usually has some solid motivation, and has enough of a soul that he can be a good guy sometimes. He’s got a nice ‘everyman’ quality to him. After Brock gave up the symbiote in the comics, there have been a couple other hosts, including Mac Gargan, and a notable run by Flash Thompson as Agent Venom, the government-sponsored super spy. I know Sony has expressed interest in an Agent Venom movie in the past.

But forget all of that. It’s too complicated and too far-reaching. Eddie Brock as Venom is a simple enough and awesome enough concept all on its own. He can be a super-villain and he can be the Lethal Protector. There’s zero reason to muddy the waters.

3. Have him eat some brains

Venom Movie List 06

Guy probably had it coming

Venom was notorious back in the day for wanting to eat brains. There was even an action figure with a voice box that said, “I want to eat your brains!” that got pulled from the shelves because parents complained. Fortunately, my brother and I snagged the figure before the revolt and we had Venom scream for brains to our hearts’ content — though one wonders if Venom was ever actually shown eating brains in the comics…

Anyway, this is just my way of suggesting they go full R-rating for a violent, vicious Venom who devours some brain matter and maybe dismembers a buncha dudes with his Venom tendrils. Just go all out crazy.

2. Don’t use Carnage as the villain

Venom Movie List 07

Even though you really, really want to

I know that Carnage is an integral part of the Venom story, and we all know that there’s going to be a TON of pressure and desire to make Carnage the villain in the first Venom solo movie. But that is a bad idea! The main reason why that is a bad idea is because Carnage is just a dark reflection of Venom, and tons of superhero movies involve a dark reflection villain. Iron Man 1, Incredible Hulk, Man of Steel, Ant-Man; the list goes on. There’s no need to have Venom immediately fight an evil version of himself.

Another reason why Carnage is a bad idea for the first villain is because Carnage is an escalation of Venom. Not only is Carnage born directly from Venom, but he represents an even worse, more dangerous symbiote. Venom is bad enough, but Carnage is worse! And you can’t make Carnage worse if you don’t establish Venom first.

1. Instead, save Carnage for a Spider-Man/Venom crossover film!

Venom Movie List 08

This takes me back

Once upon a time, it was Sony’s plan to make an entire shared Spider-Man universe. It was going to involve the Amazing Spider-Man movies, Venom, the Sinister Six and who knows who else. There’s no reason those plans can’t continue, for the most part, in conjunction with the MCU.

If they’re going to make a solo Venom movie, then surely they should consider an eventual Spider-Man/Venom team-up movie. And THAT’S when they should use Carnage as the villain!

Let me tell you a story about Maximum Carnage. I never actually read Maximum Carnage. But I’ve read a few chapters here and there, and one scene in particular has stuck with me. It involves Peter Parker trying to get to a hospital, out of costume. He encounters a bunch of frightened people who had just encountered Carnage, and then the hospital is overrun with injured people. Never before or since have I felt so connected to the dangers of a super-villain on the loose.

I don’t know the creators behind that scene, but they did an amazing job in establishing the danger to everyday people that Carnage represented. Here was a legit serial killer with super-powers, and he was terrifying on a deeply human level. This wasn’t Ultron threatening to blow up the world. This was a psychopath terrorizing the streets of New York, with powers that made him a city-wide threat.

Carnage isn’t a ‘take over the world’ type of villain. He’s a ‘go crazy and just kill everybody in sight’ sort of villain. He’s big enough and awesome enough that he should be saved for a future crossover movie. Also, there should definitely be future crossover movies outside the Avengers.


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