I Can Predict the Future; Doctor Octopus Gets an Upgrade

A few months ago, when The Clone Conspiracy started, I wrote an article proclaiming my belief that Doctor Octopus should be given a new, sexier appearance. He was being cloned, after all, so why clone him in that old, fat body from back in the day?


Even the bowl cut was cloned!

Use the power of cloning to make an awesome, buffer Doc Ock!

Well, it looks like I can predict the future, because now Doctor Octopus looks awesome! Clone Conspiracy came to an end, but Doc Ock lives on as something even cooler.

I’ll save SPOILERS for after the jump! Join me and check out the badass new Otto Octavius!

The new Amazing Spider-Man #25 came out this week, kicking off the post-Clone Conspiracy stories. In the issue, we learn that Doc Ock’s consciousness jumped into a special cloning experiment he was working on, one that combined the DNA of both Peter Parker and Otto Octavius. Now he’s super hunky and has spider-powers, but also looks more like Otto, so he’s not just a Peter clone.

Superior Octopus 02

If he’s so smart, why didn’t he find clothes?

This is a weird avenue to go down, but it’s essentially exactly what I wanted.

Moreso than the svelte new look, Otto has also given himself a new costume! He allies with HYDRA to become The Superior Octopus!

Superior Octopus 01

I totally approve of this redesign!

That is Bad. Ass.

Superior Spider-Man by Dan Slott was the best Spider-Man story in years. I’ve eagerly followed Doc Ock’s journey since then, and it looks like we’re finally going to get the best of both worlds. A more confident and badass Otto Octavius, who is actually in his own body and going by Doctor Octopus again!


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