Tim Drake Works to Reclaim His Title as Best Robin Ever

Now that his stint in the Teen Titans is over, and even though he’s believed to be dead, Tim Drake is still taking steps to reclaim his title as the Best Robin Ever. Don’t believe that’s true? Just ask noted Batmanologist Chris Sims. Simple as that.

But when Tim was rebooted into Red Robin and leader of the Teen Titans for the New 52, a lot of that energy and magic went away. Suddenly he didn’t have much to do with Batman overall. And now everybody’s calling Damian Wayne the Best Robin ever. Please.

Fortunately, even in death, Tim is around to set the record straight, like in this week’s new issue of Detective Comics!


Also, Redbird is back!

It’s all leading towards this year’s big Batman stories, in which the not-dead Tim Drake will hopefully play a big role. But until then, join me after the jump for how Tim proves he’s the best, better than all the rest.

SPOILERS for Detective Comics #950.

It’s just a short little story chapter in the big commemorative Detective Comics #950. The issue is full of little vignettes for a lot of the characters, and Tim’s story is a flashback to when Batman was first building his new team of vigilante cadets. But Tim, being super smart, has started to put the pieces together for all of Batman’s plans! He reviews all of the various Robins and their roles in Batman’s growing empire.


That’s Nightwing taking on both the Parliament of Owls and Spyral. Red Hood as leader of the new Outsiders, with Bizarro and Artemis. Damian Wayne as the new leader of the Teen Titans. And Batman’s new Justice League of America, which launches this week (and while we’re on the topic, it makes no sense for Batman to use the name ‘Justice League of America’ based on the story).

Tim obviously has his role as lieutenant of Batman’s cadet program in Detective Comics. But Tim also has the distinction of figuring it all out! He’s the smartest, he sees all the pieces and confronts Batman, who was obviously trying to keep it a secret.

But you can’t keep this kind of secret from your best Robin!

Tim Drake for the win this week. Just felt like pointing it out.


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  1. he is so underrated. I really wish he would get some attention both in and out of the comics. I find him the most interesting. He doesnt just charge into a fight he figures you out more than you know about yourself and by the time the fight starts hes already strategized a win. I dont care for Batman Beyond but the movie sadly was my favorite television/movie version of him because you see how scary smart he is. Like, he can be super dangerous if he wants. I really just want (out of comics) a really cool batman movie where its mostly detective work with Tim as Robin. I feel like everyone focuses so much on his fighting and forgets the detective work and Tims the perfect Robin to bring into a movie like that. The older comics were my favorite because you really got to see what he can do and i really missed that. I was at work while reading the comic where he lets himself get interrogated and hacks the system while doing it to escape. I literally yelled “Yes! Hes back! Thats the Tim I missed!”

    • I share your sense of loss at the awesomeness of Tim Drake. But I’ve come to accept that, in the larger picture of things, he really is the red-headed step-child of the Robins. He was the best Robin, but once he’s replaced as Robin, he has nothing interesting left to do. And if you want to do a multimedia version of him, like on TV or in the movies, you have to get past the two other Robins. I’m pleased that they seem to be doing well by him in Young Justice, but he’s barely a supporting character in that. But I take what I can get.

      • Yes I totally agree with you on YJ I just want more of him in it. I was so excited when they had the picture of everyone because I thought he was going to be leading at that point since Dick had seemingly moved on and then the first ep he leaves. But I like even one of the recent episodes Wonder Woman calling them out for crossing a line and I’m just watching it like we had a whole 26 issues of Red Robin showing he will if he needs to to an extent. I wouldn’t mind even if it was an animated film I just want a detective based movie(animated or not). It really bothers me when they use Dick and Damian in all the animated films when they were not the ones that were in the story they are telling (Hush) because Hush is a total detective comic and featured Tim (briefly with Jason) and instead it was all Nightwing. Also who Hush was irked me

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