6 Things I Want to See in the Runaways TV Show

Fancy that, there’s going to be a Runaways TV show! Marvel announced the teenage cast last week, making it pretty darn likely that the show will really come to Hulu in the near future. Runaways has been in consideration as a movie for a long time, but a TV show might be the best bet! It’s not Neflix, but it still works.


Once upon a time, they were kings and queens of the comic world

I was a fan of the Runaways back in the day. They’re a really great idea and the characters will fit nicely into the Marvel Universe. The story has twists, romance, craziness and plenty of good stuff to make a TV show. No doubt pre-production is already underway, but I’d like to think the Marvel Studios people read my blog excessively to get some ideas!

Join me after the jump for six things I want in the Runaways TV show!

6. The velociraptor, obviously


Just everything about this

For whatever reason, Marvel did not announce the casting for Old Lace, the pet dinosaur of Gert Yorkes. Gert’s parents are time-travelers, and her ‘power’ is a psychic bond with a real, awesome velociraptor! Or at least the version that was popular after Jurassic Park came out, scientific accuracy be damned. Old Lace is just plain fun, and the show better find a way to include her. We’ve had velociraptor technology since 1993. Make it happen.

5. Skip Joss Whedon’s run


He had good intentions

So, uh, Joss Whedon is great and everything, but his run on the Runaways comic was really, really bad. In his follow up to Astonishing X-Men, Whedon was given the reigns of the hugely popular Runaways comic. He proceeded to send the teens back in time to interact with a bunch of, like, 1900s- era super teens? Or something? It was like Newsies with super powers and it was hot garbage. Whedon seemed more interested in introducing all his brand new steampunkish super characters than in telling a good Runaways story. Best to leave this whole story arc alone.

4. Molly hats


Her hat game is on fleek, which Molly would totally say if she weren’t 10 years older than that slang

One of the best visual touches from the Runaways comic were the cute hats worn by Molly. They were adorable, animal-themed and she always seemed to have a new one. Someone in costuming better be planning to deliver a bunch of awesome, adorable hats for Molly!

3. Ultron the baby daddy


The groundwork has been laid

Beyond the original Runaways, all of whom have been cast, they had a couple of bonus members pop in and out of the series. One of them was Victor Mancha, the son of a famous  Marvel super-villain. Marvel marketing teased the heck out of this, and then it was revealed that he was an android and was created by Ultron. I never cared about Victor, but I do love the bonus members of teams (like the Green Power Ranger!). Hopefully Victor shows up somewhere along the line, and I think Marvel should go right ahead and make him the ‘son’ of Ultron! Granted, Ultron was destroyed pretty quickly back in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but maybe he had some time at some point to create another AI along the way. This is Runaways on Hulu, they can bend the rules a little bit.

2. Maintain the Minoru family continuity


Someone get her agent on the phone!

Even though she had a minor role to begin with, and most of that was left on the cutting room floor, actor Linda Louise Duan was cast as sorceress Tina Minoru — the mother of Runaways member Nico Minoru. Marvel is obviously under no obligation to recast Duan as Tina Minoru for Runaways, but why not do it anyway? Where’s the harm? They cast her once before knowing full well that the Runaways was coming. And it’s not like Tina Minoru had anything to do with Doctor Strange. Why even include the character at all if you’re not already making plans to link her to the in-pre-production Runaways show? A big part of Marvel success is keeping actors around for multiple projects, building a universe. Here’s another — albeit much smaller — chance to keep that up. C’mon, give Duan the work!

1. Maybe don’t get too weird with it


Tone it down a little

The Runaways was a good comic with great characters, and it should make for an even better ongonig TV series. But Runaways also got really weird with itself from time to time, beyond just the velociraptor. I’m all for staying true to the source material, but considering the grounded reality of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they might have to be careful of a few things. We’ve already seen aliens, so Karolina Dean should be OK. But do they really want to introduce time travel? The Runaways also travel around in a giant, frog-themed leaping tank called the Leapfrog. And their parents, the villainous Pride, worship crazy monsters called the Gibborim (pictured above). All this stuff works in the comics, but maybe lay off the weirder stuff for the TV show? This show probably won’t be as serious as the Netflix Defenders, but there are rules to the universe and they must be obeyed!


Those are some of my ideas, what about yours? What would you like to see in the Runaways TV show? Let me know in the comments!


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