Did We Know That Harper Row Was Bisexual? If Not, It’s Super Cool!

I’ve been following Harper Row since she debuted in Batman comics a few years ago, because I think she’s a perfect choice for a new Robin. Even with Duke Thomas now filling the sidekick roll (another solid choice), he’s not Robin, so there’s still hope for Harper!

At any rate, today’s new issue of Detective Comics drops a pretty interesting tidbit about Harper. I don’t remember anyone ever mentioning that she was bisexual before, but here we go!

Now that's subtlety

Now that’s subtlety

I think this is great news! I am all about adding diversity to comics and all entertainment, and new LGBT characters are always a plus. So this is a cool move on the parts of DC and writer James Tynion IV, who is also openly bi.

And it’s another reason why Harper should be the new Robin!


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  1. \(^o^)/

    Yeah I think it was wonderful little
    Add on. Being how they have put her in back bunner for now. That she needed some good character hints of more open about stuff. How she doing her part not crime fighting and open about her sexuality something they wanted to give her. Power and all that.

    I do enjoy her. I know a lot newer and younger reader do too. That’s who she is for. To bring something new

    I would totally find it interesting if they dive into it more. Her new school ,aid helping and her being bi. When they decide to start
    Putting her back in the front. Fun way for her to interact with Kate for advice. And heck maybe even have thing fr cass.

    I know everyone like cass and step friend. I do want to see that. However. Also want something new. I enjoy harp and cass friendship. I guess I also wouldn’t mind if they cross into them dating. Something softer ,fun and different.

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