6 Teen Heroes to Add to Young Justice Season 3

Young Justice is coming back for a third season, which is nothing short of a miracle! Cancelled shows just don’t come back to life a few years later. Fans everywhere are freaking out over the awesome possibilities of a third season. Personally, I wasn’t too keen on the show, but I’m always in favor of good superhero cartoons.

Batman has a ton of sidekicks now

Batman has a ton of sidekicks now

Plus I get to play one of my favorite games: superhero draft! I get to put my extensive knowledge of comic books to good use and pick out a few perfect heroes and villains for a role. Such as, what characters could they add to the third season of Young Justice? The cast is already pretty huge, but adding new characters is exactly what the show is known for, and somehow, they didn’t get to everybody just yet.

Join me after the jump for my picks for new characters to join Young Justice!

6. Atom

More superheroes need spectacles

More superheroes need spectacles

Of course, I am referring to the Ryan Choi version of the Atom! The regular Atom, Ray Palmer, is already a member of the Justice League in Young Justice and made a lot of appearances throughout the series. His costume looks cool, and he was the mentor of another young hero, Bumblebee. So why not add to that team and bring in Palmer’s shrinking protege, Ryan Choi. The show could absolutely use an Asian superhero in the cast, and shrinking powers are just plain cool. I would even be OK with DC giving him a robotic suit, like the Atom on The CW.

5. Ravager

Wood doesn't stand a chance

Wood doesn’t stand a chance

I was huge fan of Ravager when she appeared in Teen Titans a few years ago. She had this great anti-hero twinge, like a crazy bad guy who is trying to hold it together to be a hero (while messing with Robin). So I think she’d be perfect in Young Justice. The show has plenty of ass-kicking female characters, but it doesn’t have any former bad guys turned teen heroes. The show also already has Deathstroke, her father. So they could then introduce Ravager, put her on the crazy train, and have her become a good guy hero before the end. She’s too badass not to use.

4. We Are Robin

I kind of want to join this gang

I kind of want to join this gang

Young Justice has done great by Robin so far. They started with Dick Grayson and moved him to Nightwing. They did Jason Todd off-screen. And now Tim Drake is Robin in the show. Conventional wisdom would then have them move on to Damian Wayne…but I say no! Why do something so predictable? Damian is already starring as Robin in the animated movies. I think Young Justice should do something drastic and go all-in on the We Are Robin concept from the past year. Have Robin become a rallying cry for teenagers in Gotham City and have an episode where Nightwing and Robin have to somehow deal with these kids, and maybe a gang of Jokerz. Then you could slip in the likes of Duke Thomas, and perhaps even Harper Row, along with the other W.A.R. kids, and have a nifty new ensemble.

3. Black Alice

She's all style

She’s all style

Every teen show can use a goth character, and Raven is way too obvious of a choice. Black Alice is the teenage hoodlum hero that nobody likes to talk about, so she should definitely be brought on board! She has the power to replicate/mimic any form of magic in the DCU. That’s a pretty cool power, and considering there are a ton of magical characters already on the show, there’s a lot to work with already. Black Alice is also a Gail Simone character, and those characters always need more love and attention.

2. The Wonder Twins

Bill Walko is the man

Bill Walko is the man

My bias is showing. Honestly, the Wonder Twins are bound to appear on any list I do about DC Comics. They are underutilized characters who could be turned into something great. And Young Justice is the perfect place for that to happen! The writers have already created versions of Apache Chief, Samurai and El Dorado for their show, class Super Friends staples. Now is the time for the Wonder Twins to get the same treatment. Everybody remembers the Wonder Twins. The jokes write themselves. And who wouldn’t love to be known as the writer who revolutionizes the Wonder Twins?

1. Bunker

Not enough good Bunker pictures online

Not enough good Bunker pictures online

There can be no compromise. If they don’t add Bunker to the roster in Young Justice season 3 then the  writers don’t know what they’re doing. Bunker is a great new character, probably the best new character invented for the New 52. He’s fun, he’s got a neat power, and he adds a positive LGBT character to an already diverse roster. Teen relationships are big in Young Justice, and adding an LGBT element should be a priority for a lot of cartoons today. There’s nothing for the creators to be afraid of. Bunker is a damn cool cat, he’s perfect for how the show is set up, and he adds just so much. He’s perfect for Young Justice.


Those are my picks, who would you like to see? Any Teen Titans or Young Justice comic characters who you think deserve to belong on the small screen? Any adult characters, like Zatanna, who could stand to be de-aged and added to the bunch? I had to skip over Hawk Lad….


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  1. Totally agree with putting Bunker on it. I loved season one but only watched the episodes with Impulse after that. I didn’t like the time jump in the story.

  2. Bunker, a thousand times yes on Bunker. I’ve no idea what Percy was thinking when he decided to leave him out of the new Teen Titans run.

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