6 Suicide Squad Sequel Recruits

Despite the negative reviews that are already flooding onto the Internet, I’m still excited for Suicide Squad this weekend. It’s an exciting cast of crazy comic book characters and some potentially electric comedy and action. Or maybe it’ll be a stinker. I dunno. I’m not a psychic! But I am going to predict Suicide Squad will at least get a sequel!

The calm before the crappy movie storm

If it doesn’t get a sequel, then this list will be worthless. But I’m going to power ahead anyway and still buy my ticket tomorrow night. I like playing with comic book characters and I like pretending somebody cares about my thoughts on big time Hollywood movies. That’s a dangerous combination any day of the week, but it’s doubly crazy here on the Internet. If I’m not careful, I might cast the entire DCCU while I’m at it!

Feel free to share some of your potential sequel recruits in the comments!

6. Poison Ivy

She’s already taken out Katana!

I want Harley & Ivy on the big screen. They are a winning pair, and I’m hoping that Harley Quinn is a big hit in the Suicide Squad movie. I also get the sense that she’s already starting out as opposed to the Joker, or will perhaps end up that way by the end of the film. Choose the Squad, Harley! He’s no good for you! So when we get this Suicide Squad sequel and need to replace whichever characters have died, DC should go with Poison Ivy. I’d even be OK with using her in a solo Batman movie. Maybe give her a cameo in Ben Affleck’s upcoming film, then bring her over into the Suicide Squad sequel and hook her up with Harley Quinn. Let’s get some solid LGBTQ representation in the movies! There are a ton of different options, and it’s far past time that DC rescue this character from the horrible memories of Uma Thurman.

5. Captain Cold

Parkas are a very unique look

Knowing my luck, the Flash movie will have Reverse Flash as the villain. I hate that guy. But it would leave Captain Cold available for a Suicide Squad sequel! Or, even better, why not introduce Captain Cold in the Flash film and then cross him over with Suicide Squad? DC loves that kind of synergy. Why else do you think Batman shows up in Suicide Squad? Captain Cold is the ultimate cool cat. He’s a super criminal with a noble code, so that already makes him cool. Add in a gun that shoots ice powers and you’ve got a really cinematic and spectacular character.

4. Livewire

Lightning bolts are perfect for boob windows

She’s cool and snappy with a great look and super powers that have nothing to do with being sexy. Granted, a Suicide Squad sequel would probably put her into short shorts (see picture), but I can hope not. Livewire represents a female character who has full-on super-powers like any normal character, with nothing pigeonholing her into some cliche female role. She can cause all manner of trouble and really provide a new and fun visual. Plus, by then, people will have forgotten about Amazing Spider-Man 2.

3. Apache Chief

The Super Friends were super racist

First of all, he doesn’t have to be called ‘Apache Chief’ or wear that silly Super Friends costume. Second of all, he’d be pretty darn perfect for representation. When was the last time a Native American superhero had any positive, worthwhile attention? Both the Justice League Unlimited and Young Justice cartoons tried to recapture the potential awesomeness of Apache Chief, and I think it’s way past time that DC tried to embrace that even further. Make him a badass warrior with a surprise super-power that gets to kick butt in the climax. Marvel have shown that Giant-Man can work great on the big screen, so let DC do it even better (if they can).

2. Nightwing

Boy Wonder no more

Hear me out. This was actually a rumor that was circulating this summer in the build up to Suicide Squad. There are a lot of handsome, youngish white men starring in this film, and maybe one of them could be Dick Grayson in disguise? It’s a crazy, straw-grasping premise…but why not? Sounds like a neat surprise to me! Every movie like this needs a good twist. So why not introduce some low key villain in the sequel — like Riddler, Hush or Prometheus? — and by the end, have them reveal that they’re really the grown up Robin, that Batman slipped a secret agent onto the Suicide Squad? That sounds like a really cool twist, and some good synergy with the upcoming Ben Affleck solo Batman movie!

1. Catman

He’s already getting jiggy with Will Smith!

I’m not so confident as to think we’ll ever get a Secret Six movie. For one thing, it would be exactly like Suicide Squad, so why bother? So when the sequel arrives, Catman needs to be at the top of the list for new members. He was the standout star of Secret Six before the New 52 reboot, and I think he would be a blast on the big screen! Audiences are already very familiar with both Batman and Catwoman, so introducing a guy called ‘Catman’ would be a real treat. Then you just make him that noble, blood-thirsty, desperate to prove himself badass that he was in the comics, and you’ve got another hit character!


Who would you like to see show up in a sequel? I think some of my ideas are pretty neat, but I bet you’ve got some better ones!



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  1. I don’t see Nightwing in SQ. Grayson maybe (rather not really) but definitely not Nightwing. Red Hood will fit right in, in my opinion.

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