I Don’t Know What I’m Going to Do About Teen Titans in DC: Rebirth!

If you haven’t yet heard, DC Comics announced their entire Rebirth lineup at Wondercon today, with all sorts of artwork, new creative teams and more galore! I’m all in favor of pretty much everything they’re planning. As long as it means good comics, I’m on board. They can shake up their lineups all they want. And there are some pretty big shake ups on the way. Nothing as serious as the New 52, but there will definitely be some new stuff out there.

If you haven’t seen the new lineups, I recommend visiting Newsarama or Comic Book Resources. They are much better equipped than I am to handle this stuff. I’m only interested in the parts of Rebirth I’m actually interested in. I’m definitely going to be checking out a lot of the new books, from the Batman books to the Justice League, and I think I’ll try to get back into Aquaman, Wonder Woman and perhaps even some Green Lantern, since my favorite Lantern, Simon Baz, is going to get some attention finally.

But the biggest question I have going forward is what the heck I’m going to do about Teen Titans! The series that I have been reviewing month in and month out since the start of the New 52 will be no more! Those reviews are some of the most popular articles on my blog. So where do I go from here?

It’s time for Damien to retire

What am I supposed to do with this version of the Teen Titans?

Join me after the jump for the rest of the news!

First of all, I only started reviewing the New 52 Teen Titans because that was the starring comic of my favorite DC character at the time, Tim Drake. His treatment in the New 52 has kind of killed a lot of my interest in the character, but I still like him…but he’s not on Teen Titans anymore. Instead, the team will be lead by Damian Wayne, with Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and the new Kid Flash on the roster.

Looks like DC is finally going to make the comic match the wildly popular cartoons — sans Cyborg, of course.

The book will be written by Ben Percy, who I don’t know. With art by Jonboy Myers, who is really good. This is how Geoff Johns described the new Teen Titans:

“Damian Wayne essentially decides he’s going to lead the Teen Titans, and nobody wants him to, so it’s Robin versus the Titans,”

So this book is going to be completely removed from the Teen Titans we already know and tolerate. Tim Drake won’t be on the team anymore, my one reason for reading Teen Titans. And there’s no sign of Bunker! Poor guy. Should I even keep reviewing Teen Titans?

On the other hand, there’s also the new Titans comic, which appears to be based on the current Titans Hunt…which I stopped reading after a few issues. This comic has Nightwing, Arsenal, Donna Troy, Aqualad, and might be based on some classic Titans stuff. Maybe I should read this one?

Arsenal got a new costume, but kept the backwards hat

I suppose I have all Summer to decide. It’s going to be a few months before the comics come out.

And speaking of comics, check out the new Nightwing costume! Grayson has been a lot of fun, but Nightwing is always a blast. I’ll definitely be picking that up to see what happens next to Dick Grayson. I definitely like the new costume.

He just gets more and more minimalist

Speaking of Grayson and new costumes, Helena Bertinelli is also stepping up as the new Huntress! In fact, they’re going to take the new Helena from Grayson and give her the classic Huntress costume. That’s kind of neat! She’s going to be a member of Batgirl and the Birds of Prey.

I dig this design

Speaking of which, I’m definitely sorry to see Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr’s amazing Batgirl series coming to an end. The style looks like it will continue as Babs goes on a world tour. But alas, all good things must come to an end. I enjoyed it while it lasted.

Most important of all, from my perspective, is going to be the new Detective Comics series. James Tynion IV will write a comic about Batman working with a whole squadron of allies to protect Gotham City. This includes not just Spoiler and Cassandra Cain, but also Batwoman and Tim Drake (and Clayface, for some reason)! And best news of all, Tim Drake is going to dress in a more classic Robin costume!

The Dream Team!

But look closing on that costume. Look at the classic ‘R’ logo on Robin’s chest…it’s two Rs! What the heck is that about? Is Tim Drake seriously going to dress like that and still insist on being called ‘Red Robin’? This was the perfect opportunity to fix that retcon and just make Tim into Robin again. There are probably tons of Robin emblems lying around the Batcave, but Tim insists on Alfred sewing in an extra ‘R’ every time, doesn’t he? What a dingus.

Also, no sign of Duke Thomas or Harper Row. That’s disappointing. This was a great opportunity to create a new, diverse Robin for today’s comic book market.

So what does everybody else think? Any titles that really stick out to you? I’m definitely eager to see the new versions of Robin that are out and about. And the new Kid Flash might be fun, even if I haven’t read any of the New 52 Wally West stuff. Let me know what you’re looking forward to in the comments…if anything!


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  1. brightdarkness

    If you look at the comicosity list they just put up it looks like Duke in the lower left of the Batman listing. No Harper though…. Hope they bring her in on the Detective book.

  2. Hmm, I’d say stick with the Teen Titans- the Titans having the same team as Titan Hunt bodes poorly for them. At least there’s a chance that the new TT will actually be fun-
    Outside of, y’know, Damian.
    Bunker disappearing is a bummer, though- Miguel is the only thing I would keep from the Titans’ New 52 run.

    • I’m hoping Bunker will be a secret character that sneaks in somewhere. Teen Titans could still make room for him. And yeah, I think I’ll stick to TT. I kept arguing that the comic should be more like the cartoon, and now I’m theoretically getting what I want.

  3. I am so out of the loop with these comics, but your articles make me want to dive right in again. Perhaps I should start picking up these new series when they come out… Or do you have any other suggestions for where an old fan should start up again?

    • As an old reader looking to start up again, this would definitely be the best place. They’re going to keep the same continuity, but I think this is going to be a blank slate for all the comics, so it should be a good jumping on point.

  4. To me the new Titans book (and Titans Hunt) is perfect for fans of the original Teen Titans and not so much the New Teen Titans which then inspired the cartoon. And the Teen Titans with Damian on it is more for those latter fans. Although I’m not sure why Starfire will be on the team. How old is she?

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