Finn Jones Has Become Unto a Thing of Iron!

Marvel and Netflix have finally cast their Iron Fist, and it’s Finn Jones, the guy who played Loras Tyrell in Game of Thrones. Sounds like a pretty solid choice to me.

For the love of all that is holy, Marvel, please use the modern costume

I’m pretty sure Jones was fine in Game of Thrones, I don’t really remember. Hopefully he can live up to Danny Rand’s potential. He’s got to be fun and make a good team with Michael Colter as Luke Cage. I’m more than willing to give him a chance. Marvel has not failed in the casting department yet.

Iron Fist will come out…some day. But more importantly, the new season of Daredevil arrives next month! Woot!


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  1. Bleh. They should have gone with an Asian-American Iron Fist. Not dive into the Mighty Whitey trope.

    The only way this isn’t a disaster is if it explores issues of cultural appropriation and privilege. Deconstruct the Mighty Whitey trope. If they play it as straight as the original comics did, the show will be offensive as shit.

    Also, it had damned well better have a metric shit-ton of Asian-American supporting characters. Like, more than half the cast should be Asian-American, displaying a broad range of personality types. I’d also suggest hiring some Asian-American writers and directors.

    They will need to work very, VERY hard to keep this show from being offensive.

    • Yeah, an Asian actor would have been a nice choice. I have faith in Marvel to keep this series above board…hopefully.

      • They at least need to fill the rest of the show with Asian-Americans, both on-screen and behind the scenes. Tons of Asian-American supporting characters with a wide range of personality types. And not just frigging K’un-Lun people. The show is set in New York, so have characters who are actual Asian-Americans.

        And fill the writers’ room with Asian-Americans, as well. The show simply cannot be worth watching without that perspective included. The character is built on cultural appropriation, and that is something that absolutely needs to be addressed.

        I’m not very excited for the show as it is. We’ll have to wait for announcements about writers. If no Asian-American writers are announced, there’s a good chance I’ll just say “fuck it” and skip the show entirely.

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