Here’s That Dark and Gloomy Wonder Woman Footage

DC Comics really hit the ground running last night with a big, entertainment extravaganza! Not only did they show off the first looks at the Justice League, including Flash and Cyborg, not only did they confirm that the Green Lantern Corps is coming, and not only did they debut a new, spectacular Suicide Squad trailer, but they also premiered the first footage of their Wonder Woman movie, which is currently filming, with Gal Gadot in the lead role.

Not sure why Kevin Smith was pulled into this, but his reactions seem as canned as humanly possible.

Anyway, the footage looks cool, but then it also looks dark and gloomy. Extremely dark and gloomy. I realize that ‘dark and gloomy’ is how DC is treating their Big Three characters, but that footage is really, really dark and gloomy.

We can only hope that Suicide Squad does better at the box office than Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Maybe that will be a lesson learned.



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  1. And dark and gloomy is, like, the total opposite of what Wonder Woman is.

    Why, DC, WHY? Someday you will learn that tone is predicated on character.

    That being said… I am less pessimistic about the movie than I was before. I still am not a fan of the casting for Gadot, but at least it seems like the director knows what makes Wonder Woman so wonderful as a character.

    Now if we could get some goddamned sunlight somewhere. If Themyscira is brown and gloomy, I will have to slap someone.

    • I don’t know Gal Gadot from my downstairs neighbors, so I’m willing to see what she can do with the role. Obviously DC hasn’t earned the same trust in casting that Marvel has, but we shall see.

  2. Yeah,very dark movie, it looks like much of it has a blue tint added to it, and i don’t think that’s necessary. But otherwise, so far it looks good. Gadot might just be a pretty decent wonder woman.

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