6 Weirdest Jedi (That You May Recognize)

A little movie called Star Wars debuts tomorrow, a moment that the entire world has been waiting decades for. I’ll be in line at the first possible showing here in my town, and I hope to have a review up on Friday. I hope it’s good. I’ll probably like it, regardless. This is a pretty exciting week.

So let’s talk about weird Jedi!

It gets weirder

Last week, I focused a lot on the utter coolness of wookiee Jedi, as if Chewbacca had picked up a lightsaber. But wookiees are not the only recognizable Star Wars aliens to become Jedi in the great, expansive Star Wars Universe. Considering the fact that every single nook and cranny of Star Wars has been mapped, it should come as no surprise that writers and artists picked nearly every single iconic alien and turned them into a Jedi somewhere along the line.

Join me after the jump to continue the Star Wars celebration, and check out six of the weirdest Jedi to ever wield the Force!

6. Wookiee Jedi

His lightsaber is made of wood!

No such list of weird Jedi would be complete without Gungi, the only in-canon wookiee Jedi! Despite wookiees being giant, hairy, lumbering beast men unable to speak English, Gungi is a skilled Force-user, who built his lightsaber out of wood. He was a youngling Jedi in training during the Clone Wars, who went on a few adventures with some of his classmates.

Gungi isn’t the only wookiee Jedi in existence, but he’s the only one still in canon anymore after Disney removed the Expanded Universe. Heck, at one point, there were so many wookiee Jedi that George Lucas himself cut them off. I guess the EU writers just couldn’t handle too much of a good thing.

5. Tusken Raider Jedi

Seen here fighting Obi-Wan Kenobi, for reasons that shall be left unmentioned

The Tusken Raiders, or Sand People, are the masked, hooting weirdos who attacked Luke Skywalker in the first Star Wars movie — possibly an act of revenge, considering what his father did to them in Attack of the Clones. They’re a nomadic, desert-dwelling alien race that scavenges off the land, walk in single file to hide their numbers, and are afraid of hermits. There are two Tusken Jedi, kind of, a father and son from the prequels era.

Sharad Hett was a human Jedi who exiled himself to Tatooine and was accepted into a Tusken clan, eventually rising to become a local warlord. His son, A’Sharad Hett, was also human, but he too was a member of the Sand People clan, complete with the iconic outfit. A’Sharad would go on to leave Tatooine and join the Jedi Order proper, but he continued to wear the Tusken gear throughout his training, because it looked pretty badass to have a Tusken Jedi with a lightsaber.

4. Gungan Jedi

The cute one. No, the other cute one

Isn’t she just adorable? That is Roo-Roo Page, a Force-sensitive child born on the planet of Naboo years after Jar Jar Binks became the representative of the Gungans for all eternity. It’s not Roo-Roo’s fault that her people elected a moron as galactic senator. Like all Force-sensitive children born in the galaxy, Roo-Roo was identified and collected by the Jedi Order for training, her Gungan heritage apparently not a problem. Unfortunately for Roo-Roo, she was picked at about the same time that the evil Darth Sidious made an attempt to steal Jedi children first, to turn them into Dark Side spies.

Fortunately for Roo-Roo, Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker knew about the Sith’s plans and the good guys staged an ambush for Sidious’ operative in Roo-Roo’s nursery. When the bounty hunter tried to kidnap the child, he was greeted by some lightsabers instead, and was taken into custody. Roo-Roo was then allowed to spend a few more years with her mother on Naboo before beginning her Jedi training.

Also, in case you need a reminder, this all happened in The Clone Wars cartoon show, so the Gungan Jedi named Roo-Roo is totally canon.

3. 50s Nostalgia Diner Jedi

You all remember him

Who is the most useless, worthless character introduced in the Star Wars prequels? No, not Jar Jar Binks. As I’ve discussed before, he’s not half bad. I’m talking, of course, about Dexter Jettster, the big, fat, mustachioed fry cook who randomly ran a 50s nostalgia diner on Coruscant in Attack of the Clones. Was there any more insane scene in the entire prequel trilogy? Obi-Wan freakin’ Kenobi goes to this weird alien lump to get super secret wartime intelligence? How does that make any possible sense?

So, of course, they made a Jedi out of him.

And gave him two double-bladed Jedi lightsabers, because why not

Not Dexter Jettster himself, god no. But they took his species, besalisk, and created a Jedi for The Clone Wars cartoon. This was Pong Krell, a four-armed, double-bladed-lightsaber-wielding sociopath who served as a Jedi general during the Clone Wars. In the Battle of Umbara, Krell commanded a squadron of Clone Troopers in attempting to seize a nigh-impregnable fortress. Krell, who had little concern for the lives of clones, planned to send wave after wave of his own men until the fortress was taken. It’s actually a pretty intense 4-part episode, where the clones decide that their individual lives are more important than taking orders, even if they are clones.

Krell is brutal, relishing the power of command. Eventually it’s revealed that he’s a traitor, and that he’s turned to the Dark Side. The double-bladed lightsabers should have been a giveaway. Krell is put down before he can cause more trouble.

2. Hutt Jedi

I love that this picture exists

Beldorion the Hutt is a real character that really exists. Big, fat, slug like and just as disgusting as Jabba the Hutt, Beldorion is a real Hutt Jedi with a real lightsaber and anything. I’m not making this up! According to the Expanded Universe, Beldorion is a very old Jedi who lived centuries before the events of the movies. He trained at the Academy, served as a padawan, and eventually graduated to the rank of Jedi Knight. He was the real freakin’ deal! But then on a  mission for the Jedi Order to the planet Name Chorios, Beldorion fell sway to the Dark Side and decided he would just rule the planet instead. Special magics on the planet kept him young, and his rule lasted until well after the events of Return of the Jedi. In the novels, Beldorion was eventually defeated and killed by Princess Leia, who by then had also become a Jedi warrior. Leia has a thing for killing Hutts, after all.

1. Droid Jedi

This takes me back

Robots (or droids) can be Jedi too. Take a look at Skippy the Jedi Droid, and let that faint flicker of recognition dance in your mind. Why does Skippy look so familiar? What is it about that red coloring? Of course! Skippy is R5-D4, the astromech droid that Luke Skywalker and Uncle Owen almost buy from the Jawas in the beginning of A New Hope. But as we all remember, only a few seconds after purchase, R5-D4 blows a gasket and Uncle Owen instead decides to go for “that blue one”. And with that fortunate little explosion, R2-D2 is purchased and the galaxy is eventually saved.

But why did the little red droid blow that gasket right then and there, you may ask? It’s a rather convenient coincidence. But it was not a coincidence, I tell you! Because R5-D4 was a Force-sensitive droid named ‘Skippy’ who sensed the power in Luke and was trying to go with him to find his destiny. But his destiny was not to save the galaxy. Shortly after he was purchased, Skippy had a Force vision that revealed just what was so important about his blue compatriot, and why R2-D2 needed to go with Luke, not Skippy. With little recourse available to an astromech droid, Skippy made the ultimate sacrifice and self-destructed so that Luke and Owen would purchase R2.

Destinies are written in mighty paragraphs

Don’t believe me? Then read Star Wars Tales #1, one of the first ever Expanded Universe comics ever published! Granted, Skippy the Droid isn’t canon anymore. But we cannot forget his noble sacrifice.

Or the fact that robots can totally feel the Force!


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