6 Minor Marvel Characters I Want to Pop Up on the Netflix Defenders

The Marvel Cinematic Universe just keeps growing by leaps and bounds! Not only is Spider-Man on board, but Mockingbird is now a permanent addition to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Patsy Walker is going to appear in the upcoming Jessica Jones show on Netflix — which debuts in only a few days! We live in an age where a live action Beta Ray Bill is a distinct possibility.


So being the comic book geek that I am, and considering I’m still on my vacation abroad and could use an easy topic, how about we play one of my favorite games and talk about what comic book characters we’d still like to see in the MCU. Specifically, if a character like Hellcat can get a supporting role on Netflix, and if the doors are open for Punisher to star as the villain of Daredevil season 2, what other minor Marvel characters could get a cameo or a starring role on the Netflix level? The sky’s the limit now! Barring any X-Men or Fantastic Four cast members, of course. We don’t live in a perfect world yet.

Join me after the jump for a few of my choices! And feel free to add your own in the comments!

6. Prowler

Currently guest starring in Amazing Spider-Man!

Who is he: There are going to be a few Spider-Man characters on this  list, because I’d like to think the deal between Marvel and SONY extends this far deep. Prowler is Hobie Brown, a former engineer who turned to a life of crime when the company he worked for started stealing his technology. He designed a few gadgets that even Batman would be jealous of and set about sabotaging the company — cue Spider-Man, who tends to beat up on prowlers. But instead of being just another forgotten villain who got trounced for an issue, Prowler decided to heed Spidey’s advice and become a hero instead! Since then, Hobie has been one of Spider-Man’s staunchest vigilante allies!

Where does he fit: It’s unlikely that Spider-Man is going to get his own live action TV show, and since the MCU Spidey is a high schooler, it’s also unlikely that Hobie Brown is going to make an appearance (unless they de-age him). So that leaves adult Hobie to show up in any number of shows! He’s an awesome, skilled and heroic black character in a universe that needs more awesome black characters. Netflix could do his entire origin story as a subplot in a season of Daredevil or Jessica Jones. He could be a thief who decides to go good after seeing Daredevil in action. He could be an engineer friend of Luke Cage. Hobie Brown would be a stellar supporting character for any of these upcoming shows!

5. Black Cat

Amanda Conner artwork is the best

Who is she: Felicia Hardy is another thief turned somewhat hero from Spider-Man’s crew. She’s the daughter for a former cat burglary, comes from a wealthy background, but loves the feel of black leather apparently. Black Cat isn’t just a poor woman’s Catwoman. She’s the thief who loves the hero and can just as easily be found teaming up with him as causing him grief — no seriously, she’s not Catwoman.

Where does she fit: While she’d be a fun addition to any upcoming Spider-Man movie, I think Marvel could get the most bang for Black Cat’s buck on a Netflix show. She’s hot, she’s wickedly cool, and she’s got some great iconography. She’d be another perfect supporting player, a troublesome thief who decides that costumes are the way to go. Black Cat’s level of sultry superhero teasing just wouldn’t work with a younger Spider-Man (even if it was hilarious in Ultimate Spider-Man). But she could cause some trouble for Daredevil! Everybody loves a good rooftop love story, especially if DD is reeling from a tragic romance with Elektra at some point.

4. Cloak and Dagger

Cue the Michael Jackson theme song

Who are they: Two for the price of one! Cloak and Dagger are a package deal. They’re Yin and Yang, they’re light and dark; they’re also a compelling story about a couple of homeless teenagers in New York who get some pretty gnarly, complimentary powers. Dagger has power over light, and Cloak uses darkness as teleportation. They’re very televisual powers, with a story to match!

Where do they fit: Cloak and Dagger would make a pretty solid show of their own. Youths on the streets of New York, dangerous powers that they don’t understand; what more could you ask for? I’m not sure why they haven’t rocked their own comic book in awhile, but they could be a pretty stellar set of protagonists. Or maybe they’re a case that Jessica Jones has to handle in a solid subplot. Or they’re someone Luke Cage could help! If Netflix ever gets into one-off episodes, they’d be good for that too.

3. Songbird

Sing it

Who is she: Melissa Gold used to be a supervillain called Screaming Mimi, who was pretty ridiculous. She teamed up with a guy called Angar the Screamer, and it was so 70s that it was kind of scary. Though Angar has since appeared on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., so there’s always hope! Melissa eventually became a member of the original Thunderbolts, a team of supervillains posing as superheroes who gradually decided they actually liked being heroes better! Melissa is now Songbird, a cool character with cool powers and a great look!

Where does she fit: Ideally, I think the Thunberbolts would be a pretty cool show! Melissa could be the star of that, a show about a bunch of villains becoming good guys. It might be a little too similar to DC’s upcoming Suicide Squad to be its own movie, but I could definitely see the Thunderbolts play out over the course of a TV season. Or maybe, like a few others on this list, she’d be a good supporting character for any of the characters who already gets their own show. Maybe she and Jessica Jones were rivals back when Jessica was a superhero (If that’s part of her history), and Melissa comes back looking for help in season 2. Or maybe she and Iron Fist could have a steamy rooftop romance! Whatever the case, just don’t use her for canon fodder on the Punisher show!

2. Ms. Marvel

Make her a star!

Who is she: Only the greatest new comic book character created in the past 5-10 years! Kamala Khan is a sensation! A young, Jersey ass-kicker, Kamala is also leading the charge for diversity in comics as a Muslim, Pakistani-America girl! She’s tough, she’s caring, and she’s downright heroic! She’s also a total superhero fangirl. Kamala would be perfect in any adaptation, and I really do hope that Marvel is seriously considering her for something. They’ve already put her on the Avengers for one thing!

Where does she fit: Kamala needs her own show. Simple as that. Not every Netflix Marvel show needs to be dark and gritty. Once the partnership expands and more shows join the roster, they’ll need to diversify, and that’s where Kamala Khan comes in! You’ve got the perfectly Coming of Age tale with her, of a young hero struggling with new powers and using them for good. You’ve got the diversity that all TV shows needs these days, and you’ve got the serious storytelling. Just read the Ms. Marvel comic and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Kamala’s great. She’s just great.

1. Boomerang

Hear me out

Who is he: Fred Myers is your typical street-level comic book fool. He used to be a pitcher in Australia before getting banned from the sport. So he picked up a boomerang and decided to just run with it. Like, run all the way with it. He’s got his gimmick, he’s got his fans, and for awhile, he was a nobody. But then Boomerang was reimagined after subsequent runs with the Thunderbolts and the Superior Foes of Spider-Man, turning him into the wise-cracking, smart ass crook that we all can’t help but love!

Where does he fit: Would it be asking too much to give Boomerang his own show? Yeah…probably. Let’s be real here. But once we’re a few years/seasons deep into this Neflix thing, they’re going to want to diversify their ideas! Boomerang is the story of a charming crook who can’t scrape past the lower levels of the criminal underworld. He’s no Bullseye, who will probably make an appearance on Daredevil someday. He’s low rent, but highly entertaining. Surely at some point, Marvel and Netflix are going to want to do a comedy, right?


Who would you like to see show up in a Netflix show someday? Obviously the big names like Punisher and Misty Knight are already on board, but who are some of the smaller characters who could make a difference?



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  1. I was thinking replace Boomerang with Constrictor or possibly the Hood. Someone not affiliated with Spider-Man. The Hood would actually be perfect if we went back to his original mini-series and just ignore everything that happened afterwards.

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