Fantastic Four Getting Eviscerated All Up In This Place!

Reviews are pouring in for the new Fantastic Four movie, and they’re not good. Looks like the film is probably as bad as we all assumed it would be. I haven’t seen it yet, and I’m not sure if I’ll have the time this weekend. But man, how disappointing.

Of course, let’s not forget how terrible the first Fantastic Four movies were!

Thanks, Screen Junkies, we all needed that reminder. And let us never forget that ‘Hemi’ line in the second one. Ugh.

Let’s hope this film is the final nail in the coffin for Fox’s Fantastic Four plans — although we all know it probably won’t be. Like they care at all about the sanctity of the franchise. They probably hate Marvel as much as Marvel hates them. I can see Fox holding on to the movie rights out of pure spite at this point. They did announce a sequel already, I highly doubt they’re going to cancel.

Ah well. Such is life.



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  1. I already saw it, it has a LOT of problems but is not as bad as everybody makes it out to be, currently it’s lower than “Batman and Robin” in Rotten Tomatoes, something it does NOT deserve.

    I think people are being overly harsh with it, accentuating the negatives and ignoring the positives, in hopes that less people see it so that the rights can go back to marvel, while I would love for the F4 to be part of the MCU that is intelectually dishonest.

    I would personally give the movie a 5.5/10, I actually loved the first half of it, we actually get to know them a bit before they get their powers and unlike in the first movie where as soon as Victor von Doom appeared on screen you could see he was a villain here, outside of being a little antisocial, Victor seems like an actual person, I can buy that he is friends, or at least colleagues, with Reed, my favorite scene of the movie is when Reed, Johnny and Victor have a drink together.

    …and THEN they get their powers, and the movie turns into dissapointment given physical form, they waste time in a dumb subplot that changes nothing and could easily have been taken out of the movie, there’s a interesting plot point about the government using them as weapons but it’s not developed well, we barely see them use their powers at all, there’s some training but only 1 scene that can be considered a fight, the ending is rushed and while I gave the film props for it’s Victor, they fucked up Dr Doom beyond comprehension.

    The closest comparison I can think of is Man of Steel, at first t was a different kind of superman and it was pretty interesting and then it turns into a slugfest of destruction that undermines the movie, except that they don’t even have that, the F4 climax was relatively boring, the stakes where high but i didn’t felt that way, it didn’t even have the destruction catarsis that MoS did.

    Despite all that if someone invited me to see it I would have no problem watching it again, something MoS didn’t get despite being a better film, there’s so much potential here that it hurts seeing it wasted but the cast is great and the actors do an excellent job with what they were given that you can’t help but apreciate it in some way.

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