Ingvard the Tumblr Redesigns Female Superheroes

Welcome to Monday, everybody! It appears to be a somewhat quiet Monday so far, not a lot going on. So I thought I’d share this cool artwork I stumbled upon in my Internet surfing. An artist named Invgard the Terrible has redesigned a bunch of female superhero costumes, with explanations for his ideas. They look darn cool.

You can check out a bunch more at his Tumblr, just follow the link. I need to start featuring more art.



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  1. Those are some fun ideas, but the artist in me is a bit nit-picky about the Wonder Woman outfit, so it’s my turn to be Edna Mode 😉

    I’m not a fan of the red bodysuit, it’s pretty, well, *dull*. She looks like any other 90s superhero, to be honest- the futuristic look for the jumpsuit doesn’t really gel with the Amazon element. We’re also talking about someone who can move fast enough to deflect bullets with her bracelets, so all the extra arm padding isn’t really that necessary. The look would be greatly improved if he removed the sleeves from the suit. Yes, people can get stabbed, but Diana is semi-divine and survived a nuclear explosion. She almost died, yes, but it was a nuclear explosion and she didn’t disintegrate. I don’t think she really needs to worry about knives as much as, say, Black Canary, in whom a full bodysuit would make perfect sense. 😉

    All in all, while the suit looks interesting for a different hero, it isn’t really a good Wonder Woman suit. Leaving out the blue leaves Diana’s costume visually boring and not too different from a Flash bodysuit. The textured sections are also somewhat distracting and create unnecessary noise (not to mention that your poor pencillers and inkers would have to waste time with the pattern in every single scene). I’d bring back the blue and split the suit in two starting at the belt, so that the lower body is blue. Also, get rid of the dull grey metal and polish it bright silver.

    The boots are also pretty boring, they look like they came off the set of ‘Aliens’ and they don’t really say much about the character’s theme. In this, I’d say that the movie costume actually had a pretty neat idea, by making the boots a hybrid of an armored scalloped Greek boot and a Greek sandal.

    Hair-wise, the braid is pretty generic. I think the artist missed a golden opportunity to do some callbacks to ancient Greece and use a hairdo like this:
    It’s historical, it’s part of Diana’s background and it’s even more practical than a braid, because there’s no hair jutting out that an enemy can grab and use as a handhold. The ribbon in the hairdo could also be incorporated into the tiara.

    I like the artist’s redesign of Zatanna and Vampirella, but they have a clear and very strong love of the sci-fi look for bodysuits, and while that works for Mass Effect characters, I’m not convinced it works for Wonder Woman and Power Girl *as* much 😉

    • Also, I’d say don’t be afraid of stars. Chiang used a few stars here and there as decorative motif without going back to the star-spangled trunks. If five-pointed stars have been overused, you can always add a four-pointed star, or even a six-pointed star somewhere!

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