6 Things I Want to See in Daredevil Season 2

Good news, everybody! Marvel and Netflix have given the green light to a second season of Daredevil, due to hit our screens next year! After the huge success and popularity of the first season, everybody seems ready to jump right into more Daredevil without waiting for the Defenders to come and go. This is great news! There is so much more Daredevil goodness that we need to experience! So many more stories that can be told!

Like how he polishes all those buckles

I’m already well into a second viewing of all 13 episodes. The show is just that much fun. And like any good comic book fan, my mind is racing with where the show can go in Season 2. Some ideas are more obvious — and definitely made my list — and some are just what I’d like to see going forward. So join me after the jump for six things I hope we get in the second season of Daredevil.

And feel free to leave some of your own suggestions in the comments!

6. More courtroom drama

He’s good with the speeches

The number one thing lacking from the first season of Daredevil, as far as I’m concerned, is seeing Matt Murdock as an attorney. The first two episodes were solid, but then vigilantism and the fight to take down Wilson Fisk dominated the rest of the show. We saw Matt and Foggy Nelson set up their practice, we saw one courtroom scene, and we heard them complain about not having clients — but the problem with that is they didn’t have any clients! How were they paying for all the booze they drank? How were they paying Karen?

So I hope season 2 might involve a courtroom or two. Maybe the major overarching storyline involves an ongoing court case. In the real world, you can’t ‘go directly to trial’ within a week or so of a murder. These things take time. Maybe we can see Matt Murdock using his powers to cross-examine people on the witness stand. Maybe he has to defend an innocent person from corrupt charges. TV has been making courtroom dramas for decades, so let’s see some of that action in Daredevil!

5. At least one larger crossover cameo

Just because it’s never going to happen doesn’t mean I can’t want it with every fiber of my soul

I’m torn on this entry. Part of me would love it if Thor or Ant-Man or Iron Man made a random, single episode cameo appearance in Daredevil. How cool would it be to see one of the movie characters crossover with one of the TV characters? It would be mind-blowingly insane. But at the same time, would it throw everything off track? Would it ruin the self-contained nature of the Daredevil show? Part of the joy of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is knowing that these characters could interact. And I’m sure we’re all going to love seeing Daredevil show up in Iron Fist’s show. But would seeing the actual team-up ruin everything? Is the anticipation and hope more important? I honestly don’t know, but it would be kick so much ass to see Daredevil and Ant-Man team up! Or Daredevil and Spider-Man!

4. A more solid romance

She’s on the playing field now

Rosario Dawson was pretty great in the first season, but I personally never really bought into the romance between her character and Matt Murdock. Likewise, the show seemed to be sending Foggy and Karen down a romantic path, but then swerved at the end by having him hook up with his ex. What was up with that? Either way, there was very little romance in the first season of Daredevil, at least nothing substantial. Maybe that’s for the best, though. The show obviously wasn’t about the power of love. Why tack on a romance just for the heck of it? The first season had no room for Daredevil to fall in love. But the second season could make some room. Maybe they give us the doomed Matt/Karen romance from the comics. Or maybe a certain Greek ninja comes back into his life. Either way, everybody loves a little love.

3. Wilson Fisk in prison

At least he gets a plant

The return of Wilson Fisk has got to happen. There are no two ways around it. Maybe we see him on trial. Maybe he’s orchestrating his revenge from inside his prison cell. Wilson Fisk in prison would make for an amazing second season subplot. He’ll obviously be a target, so Fisk will have to defend himself behind prison bars. He won’t just be ‘kingpin of the prison’ on the first day. He’ll have to earn his place, fight his way to the top. I’m sure he’s made his fair share of enemies. That would be a pretty great storyline. And once he has power again, Matt Murdock can realize that there’s no escaping the reach of Fisk, that even from behind bars, the system is still more than corrupt enough to let him go.

Or maybe the revenge is orchestrated by Vanessa, and Matt spends the season thinking that Wilson is behind it all. That would be a pretty amazing twist.

2. Bullseye & Elektra

I like Jennifer Garner just fine

Wilson Fisk obviously needs to get revenge on Daredevil, and he can easily do it from inside his prison cell. Or Vanessa can orchestrate the revenge for him. Either works. But that revenge obviously involves hiring the assassin Bullseye. He’s Daredevil’s most infamous arch-nemesis after Fisk, and we all know he needs to make an appearance eventually. So in season 2, Daredevil has to face off against a foe with powers and skills that rival his own. The story writes itself.

As does the inclusion of Elektra, Matt’s new love interest/battle buddy. I haven’t read Frank Miller’s classic Daredevil/Elektra/Bullseye stories, but they are routinely hailed as some of the best comics of all time. Use that as the backbone for season two and you’ve got the makings of a pretty great story. You’ve got Daredevil, still cleaning up Hell’s Kitchen, only now he’s got to contend with Bullseye, an assassin hired by the Fisks to kill him, and Elektra, an assassin hired by the Hand to kill him. That’s two cases of revenge. Then Matt and Elektra patch things up and team up to take on Bullseye, tragedy ensues, and the drama is kicked up several notches.

Though in this day and age, one would hope that the writers don’t just send Elektra to the refrigerator. They’re going to have to think of a way around that.

1. A supervillain slugfest

If wishes were horses

There might be a little overlap with this one, but the one thing I want most of all from a second season of Daredevil is a real fight with a real supervillain. Matt beat up a lot of thugs and lowlifes in the first season, and his climactic battle with Wilson Fisk was pretty awesome, but I want to see a no-holds-barred brawl with an in-costume villain. Maybe it will be Bullseye, maybe it could be somebody else. Daredevil has his fair share of bad guys, and there’s no reason why a villain from a different Rogues Gallery can’t be brought in to fight old horn-head. Anybody will do. But now that Daredevil has a full-on costume, now that he’s an honest-to-god superhero, he needs some bad guys to match. At least one. Maybe it’s the media res opening for the first episode, I dunno. But out of everything, I want a real supervillain slugfest.

As for suggestions…

Honorable Mention: Stilt-Man

Took the words right out of my mouth

I have a very soft spot in my geeky heart for Stilt-Man. Our relationship is long and complicated, just know that I love that idiot with the same passion that any comic book fan loves their pet characters. And that Stilt-Man Easter Egg in the final episode of Daredevil blew my mind. So could he or should he appear in season 2? Probably not.

But I would love some kind of running joke or aside that references him at least. That would be pretty hilarious – though possibly only to me and a handful of others.


What do you want to see in a second season of Daredevil? What story ideas or characters would you suggest? Let me know in the comments!



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  1. I think Bullseye and Elektra have to be givens at this point. They are both so essential to the Daredevil mythology that they should show up sooner or later. Also, personally i would love to see Fisk show up for much of next season, pulling strings from his jail cell, making Daredevils life a living hell. Damn rights that would be sweet, and lord knows he’s done it enough times in the comics.
    Daredevil the tv show thusfar has been pretty grounded. Except for his heightened senses, and some offhand mentions of some other heroes, there’s really nothing too superheroic about the show yet. So i don’t know how i would react if, say, Iron man or the Hulk showed up to cause some havoc. Not to mention they are kind of on another level compared to DD, power-wise. However, i would totally be down for a DD/Hawkeye team-up. I think that would be cool. Or maybe even Black Widow. Although i’ve never liked ScarJo in that role.

    • You’re right, I totally should have gone with a picture of Black Widow instead of Iron Man. She would be a much cooler, much better cameo than Iron Man. A Daredevil/Widow relationship in the Cinematic Universe would actually be pretty wild, all things considered…

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