6 Silly Daredevil Villains Who Probably Won’t Appear on Netflix

The new Daredevil TV show premieres in only a few days, and early reviews praise it as a phenomenal show that captures the darkness and the grit that comes with the character. Daredevil is a different sort of program than the humor and action packed Avengers movies, while still maintaining that Marvel quality. Vincent D’Onofrio’s performance as the Kingpin is being hailed as a showstopper.

The story of a blind attorney who fights crime in Hell’s Kitchen, Daredevil has consistently been one of Marvel’s best comics — but there’s probably a lot of Daredevil history that’s going to be left on the cutting room floor.

Lady Bullseye is a real thing

For all the great Kingpin stories out there, and the legendary comic runs by Frank Miller and Brian Michael Bendis, Daredevil had his fair share of silliness back in the day. Characters like the Owl and Gladiator are set to premiere in the first season, and classic foes like Bullseye and Elektra are probably shoe-ins for the second season, but beyond those characters, Daredevil’s Rogues Gallery doesn’t have a very deep bench.

Join me after the jump to check out the 6 silliest Daredevil villains, none of whom are probably going to make it into the new Netflix show.

6. Stilt-Man

He’s a hit at parades

Listen people, I am not made of stone. If Stilt-Man appears in the new Daredevil show in any capacity, even as just a flippant joke, then I am going to be over the moon. As the Internet’s foremost authority on Lady Stilt-Man, I have a soft spot for this leg-defying dork. But he is also just so silly! This guy invented a robot suit with giant, telescoping legs so that he could rob ritzy penthouse apartments without having to use an elevator! Such a practical idea, but such horrible execution! How’s he supposed to get away? He’s kind of hard to miss. I still love ya, Stilt-Man.

5. Ani-Men

Frog-Man is seconds away from jazz-hands

There may be four of them, but they are so ridiculous that they only count as a team. The Ani-Men are, quite obviously, a bunch of idiots who dress up like a squad of animals in matching yellow leotards. They were put together by an evil mayoral candidate who wanted to sabotage an opponent’s campaign, but only wanted to do so in the most ridiculous way possible. There’s a thing called ‘class’, and these guys don’t have it. Spider-Man, Batman and Catwoman have class. But Bird-Man, Ape-Man, Cat-Man and Frog-Man are gangly morons.

4. Leap-Frog


You might want to sit down for this one, but Daredevil has two separate frog-themed super-villains on his record. You’ve got Frog-Man up there as a member of the Ani-Men, and then you have Leap-Frog, a deadbeat husband who put springs into the feet of a giant frog costume and decided to become a super-villain. That’s apparently all it takes. His biggest claim to fame was kidnapping attorney Matt Murdock for ransom, not realizing that Murdock is Daredevil’s secret identity. To rub salt in an embarrassing wound, Leap-Frog eventually retired from the villain biz, only for his son to take up the costume and switch sides to become a superhero instead. I guess that apple fell pretty far from the tree, and then went ‘ribbit’.

3. Blackwing

I can’t decide which costume was worse

No, that’s not Batman. But Batman wishes he had the power of Blackwing. Remember that scene in Batman Begins, when he pulled a little device out of his boot that summoned a cloud of bats to his location to help him out? Blackwing has done him one better. Blackwing actually trains his bats to help his criminal career, and he has speciality bred bats for feats of strength, speed and endurance. He trains bats to do his evil bidding. This guy has one up on Dracula! And speaking of fathers being ashamed of their sons, Blackwing is actually the son of notorious mobster Silvermane, a guy who has rivaled the Kingpin at times. Not that Kingpin’s son is someone to brag about.

2. The Matador

No caption would be enough

Just take a second and drink that in. Drink it all in. The Matador is a legit super-villain who challenged Daredevil on multiple occasions, first appearing all the way back in Daredevil #5. He doesn’t have any super-powers. He’s not half bull. He’s just a trained matador who decided to put on a mask and commit crimes. In fact, he used to be the best matador in all of Spain, but the public drove him out of the business due to his cruelty towards the bulls. The Matador then declared war on humanity and immediately started waving his red cape at oncoming bank trucks instead of bulls. Surprisingly, they didn’t immediately run him over.

1. Masked Marauder

Somebody, at some point decided he was worth a memorial

Yes, he’s kind of wearing a mask, so at least the name sort of make sense, but that’s still one of the most ridiculous super-villain names of all time. Fortunately for the Mask Marauder, everything else about him overshadows his ridiculous name. For starters, his ‘power’ is an eye beam that makes other people blind — so of course he’s fighting the already blind superhero Daredevil! He also suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and if his henchmen don’t follow his plans down to the letter, he erupts in angry villain rants. And on top of all of that, the Masked Marauder is also randomly the landlord of Daredevil’s office building, and he spent the majority of his villainous career convinced that Matt Murdock’s legal partner, Foggy Nelson, was the real Daredevil.

I knew the Silver Age of comics were silly, but not Masked Marauder silly. Learn something new every day.



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  1. Has the Matador decided to relocate to America from Spain for his criminal career too i wonder? One would think it would be easier to commit crimes in Spain since it has, well, a lot less superheroes running around.

  2. The thing you have to remember about Daredevil, as originally written, was that he was a lighthearted character. If Spider-man was the nebbish who got super powers, Daredevil was the guy who was forced to practice the piano while all his friends were out playing baseball.

    The name Daredevil itself means a thrillseeker who looks for dangerous situations to have fun. Remember Matt Murdock, even before he was blinded, was going to be a doctor or lawyer because his dad wasn’t going have his son end up like him, a washed up athlete with no marketable skills.

    So for Matt, being Daredevil allowed him to have all the fun he wasn’t allowed to have as a child. Hence Daredevil’s villains were goofy. For the most part, they really weren’t that dangerous and Matt even got to pose as his own twin brother. The book was, originally, a light-hearted soap opera. After Stan and Gene left, it drifted. It was a bi-monthly book by the time Miller took over in 1979. Because no one was reading it, Miller was able to “darken” the book. In fact, he really changed Daredevil. His version really had nothing to do with what Stand did during the first few years of the book. They are, essentially, two different characters.

    Everyone remembers Daredevil 1979 to 2015, but few people remember it 1964 – 1968. 1969-1979 the character was sort of there, and was kind of cut rate Spider-man where writers played with the blind powers aspect of the character. Much time was spent with Dardevil trying not to give away the fact that he was blind, or having to work around the handicap when someone would point out a picture on a tv screen and would announce, “can you believe what we’re seeing on that tv screen?” “Uhm, sure I get it, but what is our interpratation?”

  3. I would love it if Leap-Frog showed up, just so that we could later get the Fabulous Frog-Man. Because the Fabulous Frog-Man deserves to exist.

    Also, Stilt-Man would be awesome.

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