Jason Momoa’s Aquaman is Just as Badass as I’d Hoped

The first picture of Jason Momoa’s Aquaman was posted online by director Zack Snyder early this morning, proving that I was right all along about how cool the King of the Seas will be in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

I wonder if he’ll kill a man with that trident

I love the armor, I love the badass tattoos, I’m not too wild about the hair, but overall, this looks great! I knew Momoa would bring that Islander power to the role, changing Aquaman from a white-skinned, blonde-haired American into a more world-inclusive king. Though I am starting to get a little freaked out at how dark and brooding this movie seems. Everybody is turning out to be as dark as Batman in this flick. And if you take away Batman’s darkness and share it with everybody, what else does he have?

Either way, at least we know Aquaman will be cool.



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  1. I’m glad that Aquaman is finally getting the love he deserves. I’m tired of people making fun of such an awesome character.

    • I read an interesting article once that pointed to the success of Super Friends as to why Aquaman is treated so poorly. Super Friends was the only place mainstream audiences had access to Aquaman, whereas Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman all had TV shows or movies to offset the dorkiness of Super Friends. Aquaman had nothing but that cartoon, and he suffered.

      • Interesting, at least I now know why one of DC’s bad@$$es are treated like some other stupid character. I got so ticked when they replaced him with Shazam in Justice League War, and the fact that Throne of Atlantis was pretty bad didn’t help much.

  2. It is a cool design — but yeah, the hair is weird. It’s reminding me way too much of Whiplash from Iron Man 2.

    Seeing how cool this costume is makes me wish that they had treated Wonder Woman as seriously when designing her costume. Aquaman looks threatening, whereas Wonder Woman, who is just as lethal, looks sexy. It’s boring and cliché and uninspiring. If we can give Aquaman flowing black hair, tattoos, armor, and an over-the-top trident, can’t Wonder Woman at least have some pants?

  3. I want the harpoon arm if they are going with this version. I hate how dark DC movies are as well. Also is he united the justice league or the seven seas? I was confused by that

  4. He looks pretty cool to be sure, however he looks more like Poseidon than Aquaman. But i’m still looking forward to the movie. I wish someone would make a Namor the Submariner movie, i’d be interested in seeing that too.

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