If We’re Going to Have Spider-Man Again, Let It Be Miles Morales

Peter Parker has had his chance on the big screen, and he’s done an amazing job. But when Spider-Man debuts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe next year, it should be Miles Morales behind the webs.

It’s time to try something new with Spider-Man, and this deal between Marvel Studios and SONY is the perfect opportunity to make the change. Granted, I don’t necessarily think this has a chance of happening, but the only way it will happen is if enough voices cry out for Miles.

You’re goddamned right!

In the end, SONY still has creative control over Spider-Man going forward, and they don’t care about how innovative and forward-thinking Miles would be for the movies. All SONY cares about is money, and keeping the straight, white guy in the lead guarantees more money than the black, Hispanic youngster. That’s just how the world works…or at least that’s how they think it works.

But man, how cool would it be to get Miles Morales on the big screen?

Join me after the jump to find out why!

Miles Morales was introduced in 2011 as a potential replacement for Peter Parker as Spider-Man. He’s the current star of the Ultimate Spider-Man comics, and while Peter Parker is definitely still around, Miles does a fair job on his own of carrying on the Spider-Man legacy.

I’ve been reviewing all of Miles’ Ultimate Spider-Man comics and they are damn good. You can check out my reviews going back chronologically by clicking Here.

He’s even been cartooned!

Miles embodies everything that makes Spider-Man so great. He’s a good kid who wants to use his spider-powers to help people, because he knows full well that With Great Powers Comes Great Responsibility. He’s funny, friendly and earnest, everything you might be looking for in a Spider-Man. Miles fights super-villains, worries about girls and tries to maintain a secret identity from his parents.

Miles is as good a Spider-Man as Peter, it’s just that Peter has been around a lot longer and has name recognition with mainstream audiences. Both of those are pretty insurmountable obstacles, but that’s not going to stop me and tons of other people on the Internet from making our voices heard!

Change is good!

There are obviously a lot of reasons why it should be Miles over Peter. Some of the strongest are the fact that diversity matters, especially in this day and age, and that nobody wants to sit through yet another Peter Parker origin story. Diversity is already taking hold in the comics, with more female and minorities taking leading roles in some great stories. And Marvel Studios is ready to dive in, announcing solo movies for both Black Panther and Captain Marvel. But both of those movies are being pushed back a few months to make room for a new Spider-Man flick. That’s just not cool. I am far more interested in the new Black Panther and Captain Marvel movies than I am about yet another Peter Parker solo film.

And we’ve seen Peter fretting over the same super-villain and lady problems for five movies already. A new white male actor is just going to be boring.

What’s even the point of this guy?

For me personally, I think Marvel and SONY should use Miles Morales in order to keep this new version of Spider-Man separate from the five previous Spidey movies. Since they’re not just going to fold the Amazing Spider-Man series into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that means the MCU can remain its own separate thing. And with that in mind, Miles Morales can be the Spider-Man of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It would fit so much easier that way.

Of course, to do that you’d need to change Miles’ origin a bit. In the Ultimate Spider-Man comics, Miles rises to the challenge after Peter Parker is killed, with Miles’ whole career based around carrying on Peter Parker’s legacy. And you definitely don’t want to add that complexity to the new Spider-Man. You don’t need to have or kill Peter Parker in order to get to Miles. We don’t want multiple Spider-Men or an entire legacy swinging around in the MCU.

But we do need Miles. We need change. We want change. And now is the time to make it happen.


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  1. I completely agree. Miles is a great character and it would be great to see him on the big screen. We’ve seen Peter. It’s been done. Let’s do something different!

    • Despite having zero faith in the regular studio system in Hollywood, I’d still like to think that if enough voices rise up, Sony might actually listen to the lot of us. It helps to remind myself that the people involved are still, technically, people.

  2. This is one of the few times i disagree with you. I think that Peter is the best choice because i see Peter as the stronger character. Spider-man to me is Peter Parker. Their is so much to do with Peter and i am excited to see him in the MCU. I don’t think Miles honestly has earned it. He may be diverse, but what else is he? I never found him that interesting. In all my reading of Ultimate, he hasn’t been a great character. I always liked Ganke and his father better than him, where as in Peter he is a great character in his own. Miles exists and is spider-man because of Peter Parker and his lessons.
    Thats just my opinion. Not bashing yours or anything. I find it hard to voice my opinion on this matter without being called a racist

    • Don’t worry, you’re not going to get that kind of backlash here. Keeping Peter as Spider-Man in the MCU is as good an idea as any other. I think your words on Miles in a previous article I wrote have really made me think about him more to try and make sure I really understood what I like about him so much. Miles definitely isn’t as outgoing as Peter. He really internalizes a lot.

      And hey, I’ll be perfectly happy if they stick with Peter again. I’m going to love seeing any Spider-Man in the MCU.

  3. I’m definitely with you. I’ve never read a Miles Morales comic, but man, I really don’t need any more movies about Peter Parker. They’re never going to top the Sam Raimi movies, and really there’s just no point, I don’t care how many nerdy-looking white guys they put in the suit. That whole premise doesn’t resonate with me anymore. It’s not that I don’t like Peter Parker, but if they’re just gonna keep making movies about him, well fuck that, give me Black Panther.

  4. I agree. The MCU doesn’t need more straight white guys. Let’s have something different. Go with Miles. Or, hell, if it HAS to be Peter, why not make him bisexual?

    Of course, movie studios are cowards, so we won’t get jack shit in terms of diversity. We’ll be lucky if we get a love interest that passes the Sexy Lamp Test.

  5. It would be cool if Spidey becomes a legacy character like Flash and Miles Morales becomes Peter’s successor

    • That’d be neat. We’ll definitely hopefully see Iron Man and Captain America as legacy characters in MCU, unless they hire new people to play Tony Stark and Steve Rogers.

      • So we know how Battleworld is going to work with these guys yet? I mean, they already said that the Ultimate Marvel Universe and the regular Marvel Universe is combining into one universe. And Miles Morales is not only the most popular Ultimate Marvel character but also his origin story is dependent on the death of Peter Parker. So he’s probably going to be side by sidevwith Peter but how is that gonna work>

      • I have no clue. I actually don’t want Ultimate Miles jumping into the regular Marvel Universe. It just won’t be the same. But other than fighting side-by-side in Battleworld, I have no idea how Miles will come out the other side.

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