A Bunch More New Comics!

Marvel revealed several new comics at New York Comic-Con this past weekend, and while Ant-Man was my clear favorite, I figured why not talk about the others? These blog posts are free, after all!

The Spider-Man books are going to get a lot more crowded in the new year. Following Spider-Verse, 2014’s big Spidey event, we’re going to get new ongoing series for both Silk and Spider-Gwen!

Everybody else is loving all the female-led books, right?

Silk is Cindy Moon, a new character from Amazing Spider-Man who has the double distinction of being bitten by the same radioactive spider that gave Peter his powers, and having possibly my least favorite superhero name of all time. Silk?! Really? I realize that both ‘Spider-Woman’ and ‘Spider-Girl’ are taken, but Silk? There were no other spider-related words you could come up with?

Anyway, I like Silk well enough in Amazing Spider-Man, so maybe her own comic will be fun. It’ll be written by Robbie Thompson and drawn by Stacey Lee. And at least she’s got a new costume!

Spider-Gwen (which probably won’t be is official name) will be written by Jason Latour with art by Robbi Rodriguez, and it will follow the adventures of the alternate reality Gwen Stacy with spider-powers. I liked her in her brief one-shot appearance on the Edge of Spider-Verse, so maybe she’ll be a lot of fun in an ongoing series. She’s definitely a darling already with the cosplay circuit, that’s for sure.

Of course, her costume is just plain awesome.

Outside the Spider-world, there’s also going to be Gamora, penned by Guardians of the Galaxy screenwriter Nicole Perlman. If you’re going to do a comic about the Guardians of the Galaxy, she’s probably the best choice for writer.

She likes knives

Not much else is known about this Gamora series at this time. I’ll give it a shot, but considering how much I hate the other comic versions of the Guardians of the Galaxy, I doubt I’ll stick around for long. I don’t know what my problem is, but I can’t stand comic book Rocket Raccoon!

What else…what else…oh yes! Operation S.I.N. is going to be a 1950s period piece that sees Peggy Carter and Howard Stark having fun spy adventures. This 5-issue series will be brought to us by Kathryn Immonen and Rich Ellis.

The very definition of synergy!

It’s also going to feature the ‘Man on the Wall’ guy that preceded Nick Fury from Original Sin. Considering how much I hate that whole concept, I doubt I’ll brother with this series – though Immonen is pretty amazing. Still, I have zero interest in anything here. Watching Peggy Carter’s TV show will be more than enough for me.

There’s going to be a Wolverines weekly series, which seems to be about X-23 and Sabretooth fighting over who gets to be the new Wolverine.

Does anybody else love AoA Sabretooth?

That could be fun.

And the big reveal was a new Secret Wars by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic! It’s going to be a year-long event that takes over from Hickman’s ongoing Avengers and New Avengers, currently undergoing their big ‘Time Runs Out’ storyline. Based on the preview picture, it looks like some kind of epic battle between alternate reality superheroes?

Everybody loves callbacks

That would make sense. Considering Hickman’s is currently telling an epic story about the death of the Multiverse, why not pit a bunch of Multiversal heroes against one another? Sounds like a solid comic book premise to me!

Though isn’t that exactly what Multiversity is doing?

Anyway! Those are the new comics from Marvel for the upcoming year. What do you henchies think about them? I’ll probably buy a few issues of each to see what they’re like.

I don’t remember if DC announced anything new at Comic-Con. Their loss!


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Hello, this is Sean, the Henchman-4-Hire! By day I am a mild-mannered newspaper reporter in Central New York, and by the rest of the day I'm a pretty big geek when it comes to video games, comic books, movies, cartoons and more.

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  1. I like that silk is getting her own series. I am not understanding the obsession over Spider-gwen. I liked her comic but i dont get it. Dan slott went off on Bleedingcool and siad they were wrong after they “leaked” the end of Spider-verse also, did you see the new civil war event this summer? Civil war is happening again…

    • I saw that, but wasn’t sure what to make of it, so I didn’t add it. I’ll probably say something when we know more. I think the obsession with Spider-Gwen comes from her just looking awesome. That is one great costume. Plus she was in a band! That’s always cool.

  2. I’m actually disappointed that Stacey Lee will be drawing Silk. Stacey Lee is an amazingly talented artist, and I’d love to buy a book she worked on, and I wish she was put on a book I’m interested in buying.

  3. Peter got farther romantically with Cindy Moon in half an hour than he ever did with Carol Danvers. I wish she had been bitten by his radioactive spider instead. but oh well. I’ll still check out that Silk comic. It could be interesting. Any word on if that Spider-Gwen book takes place in her own reality or does she get stuck in the main universe after Spider-verse?

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