Next Marvel Big Event Comic Kills the Watcher!

The next Big Event comic from Marvel has been revealed as Original Sin, a story where the Watcher is killed and all of the dirt he’s been gathering on the heroes of the Marvel Universe leaks out.

Because of course the Watcher can be killed by a gun to the head

Sounds like a neat idea to me, I suppose.

Original Sin will be 8 issues long over the course of four months, starting in May. It will be written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Mike Deodato, and I’m a fan of both of those guys.

According to the article on USA Today, the story will be about Nick Fury putting together a team to solve the murder mystery, consisting of Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and a few others. Meanwhile, another group will conduct their own investigation (for some reason), and that group will consist of Punisher, Doctor Strange, Emma Frost, Ant-Man and Black Panther. I like the second group more already.

Here’s what Tom Brevoort has to say about the whole thing:

“It’s all the skeletons, all the dark things that you never know, all the interesting and intriguing information — not all of it even bad. And it will all expand out into dozens of stories that will cut to the core of who these characters are.”

So yeah, that’s the next Big Event comic. Sounds like a solid story, I suppose. And they say it’s going to be more personal than Infinity, so that’s good. Plus now I’m dying to see the team of Punisher, Doc Strange, Emma Frost, Ant-Man and Black Panther. That’s going to be the bee’s knees!

Unless, of course, it’s just an excuse to retcon a bunch of stupid, ‘controversial’ secrets into some of these characters’ lives. That just sounds terrible.

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