Thank Jeebus, Arrow is Gonna Get a Real Mask

Though there’s still a little makeup around the eyes

I complained about this a long time ago, but man, Stephen Amell looked stupid with the green makeup brushed around his eyes on the TV show Arrow. Plus, in season 2, he’s not longer hiding in the shadows. He has face-to-face conversations with a lot of people who personally know Oliver Queen. The makeup just wasn’t cutting it anymore. And it never looked anything other than stupid. So good call, fine folks at Arrow. It’s nice to know you’re using your heads.

Also, how great has season 2 been, amiright?

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Hello, this is Sean, the Henchman-4-Hire! By day I am a mild-mannered newspaper reporter in Central New York, and by the rest of the day I'm a pretty big geek when it comes to video games, comic books, movies, cartoons and more.

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  1. Awesome. Because that’s what domino masks are, right? Anything that covers nothing but hides your identity, must be awesome.

      • You know, it’s funny. Here I’m thinking, screw the mask. After I posted that, I went and saw Thor the Dark World (second time, not very braggable), and at the Captain America: Winter Soldier preview when they revealed Bucky, I was thinking the mask would’ve been better. Anything would be better than that stupid eye makeup, which is the same thing here. Although having a hood is slightly different than not having one, and changes the importance of having a mask.

      • Eye makeup is a terrible choice in any capacity.

  2. Arrow S2 > Arrow S1 > Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

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