Studio To Get Their Grubby Hands on Batman: Arkham Sequel

Or should I say prequel.

According to Variety, Warner Bros. is taking a firmer hand in the third part of the Batman: Arkham series. It’s going to be a prequel, and it’s going to tell the story of how Batman first met the Joker. Not only that, but it’s apparently going to include appearances by the Justice League.

F*** this.

Pardon my potty mouth

According to that article, Warner Bros. has finally started to get their act together in preparation for a live action Justice League movie in 2015. And part of that process involves steering all of their existing properties towards that goal – including properties that are really popular and have nothing to do with a Justice League movie. Properties like the Batman: Arkham games.

You know what’s great about the Batman: Arkham games? That they’re not a tie-in to anything. Superhero movie tie in games suck. Sometimes they’re playable, like the Captain America movie tie in game, but most of the time they just flat out suck! The Batman Begins tie in game was terrible, especially compared to Batman: Arkham Asylum, which came out a short time later. Game developer Rocksteady had the freedom to create their own version of Batman on their own timetable, and not rush it out to stores in time for the movie’s release. Rocksteady has created this amazing world and story in their two Batman: Arkham games, and we all want to see that story continue.

Along with Batman/Commissioner Gordon co-op

Nobody wants to see a freakin’ prequel to the Arkham games! Nobody likes prequels! We want to know what happens next, not what happened before. Where does the story go from the end of Arkham City? Going back in time to tell a prequel accomplishes nothing! Rocksteady are on the verge of telling a Batman story that’s never been done before. What happens after the Joker is dead? That’s a fascinating question! Let Rocksteady tell that story! They already alluded to an angrier, more volatile Batman in their Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC. So obviously something is wrong with Batman. Obviously Rocksteady has something good planned.

Damn prequels.

I’m less worried about the Justice League appearance. Based on my classic List of Six about what I want to see in the third Batman: Arkham game, cameos by the Justice League are on that list. I think it would be cool – but not like this.

Studio executives do not know how to be creative. That’s why they are studio executives and handle the money. Keep in mind, I have no real idea how studios work, but whenever a studio tries to mess around with a creative person’s project, they f*** it up! Do you know why Sam Raimi’s third Spider-Man movie was so bad? Because of the studio! After the success of the first two, where he had total creative control, the studio stepped in and started making demands. The studio demanded that Venom be in the movie because he was popular, but Raimi didn’t want Venom. The studio won that argument, and Spider-Man 3 sucked.

Personally, I think Raimi  made a bad movie on purpose just to stick it to the studio.

Keep the studio heads away from the creative properties. Nothing good will come of it. Especially if they’re demanding that the next game tie in to their Justice League plans.

It will spell doom for us all.

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