6 Things I Want in the Third Batman: Arkham Game

No one could have predicted the amazing success of developer Rocksteady’s pair of Batman video games, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Before Aslyum, Batman games suuuuucked. Most superhero video games sucked. But the geniuses at Rocksteady created a brilliant peek into the world of Batman, revolutionizing superhero video games the same way Batman Begins and The Dark Knight revolutionized supehrero movies. Then Rocksteady did it again with the sequel, Batman: Arkham City. They took everything that everyone loved about the first game and made it bigger and better.

They didn’t fix what wasn’t broken. Instead they just gave us more, more, more! More villains. More heroes. More room to play around. More side quests. More fights. More everything! Arkham City is huge!

Or it's just the right size to do this

So what are they going to do for a third game?

I just beat the Riddler yesterday, so I’m already eager for the next game. Here is a list of 6 Things I Want in the Third Batman: Arkham Game. I’m leaving out obvious choices like a return of the famous voice cast, more gadgets, more puzzles and a bigger game world. Those things are all pretty much a given. These are specific characters, locations and game play styles that I want to see in the next game.

6. More Robin and Other Heroes: Simply put, I love Robin. He’s one of my all-time favorite comic book characters, and I could talk your ear off about the vital role he serves in the Batman story. Some people prefer their Batman to be a lone vigilante stalking the night, but not me. Give me as much Robin as possible. Any Batman story is made instantly better by the addition of Robin.

So you can imagine how pissed I was that Robin didn’t even get mentioned in the first game, Arkham Asylum. Rocksteady seemed to go out of their way to not include even the slightest hint of Robin’s existence!


Fortunately, they more than made up for that mistake by not only including Robin in Arkham City, but making both him and Nightwing playable characters in the Challenge Maps. Robin’s a blast to play in the maps, because he fights with a bo staff and has an impressive and highly entertaining fighting style. Plus Rocksteady even updated his look, making him more badass to silence all the Robin haters out there. See everybody, Robin can be cool! If only Batman wasn’t such a dick to him.

So for the third game, I would like more Robin. Give him a bigger role throughout the game. Make him playable in the actual game world instead of just the Challenge Maps. Make him part of the story, like Catwoman was in Arkham City. Is that too much to ask? I don’t think so.

But besides Robin, I’d like to see even more heroic cameos. Arkham City was filled with villainous appearances, with characters as obscure as Deadshot and the Mad Hatter, and Riddler puzzles about guys like the Ratcatcher and Maxie Zeus. Well how about some heroic cameos? How about a Riddler puzzle about Superman? Or an actual guest appearance by Superman. Expand the world. Have a level that takes place on the Justice League satellite. Have the whole Justice League pay Batman a visit. Make Batman fight the Justice League for some reason instead of his normal Rogues Gallery. Us mind control, it always works in the comics. An appearance by Wonder Woman would be neat. I’ve always liked the potential romance between Batman and Wonder Woman.

And what about Gotham City’s own heroic vigilantes?

The current post-52 reboot Bat Clan. Big fans of the color red.

Batgirl, Batwoman, Red Hood, Spoiler, Huntress, Flamebird, Knight, Squire; the list goes on. Gotham City is crawling with vigilantes, many of whom operate under Batman’s leadership. He even started up Batman Inc., deputizing heroes around the world. They don’t all have to be playable characters (though I wish they were), but just cameos or visits or even just Riddler puzzles about them would be great. Perhaps even just costume skins for Batman. I’m actually a little surprised that Batgirl doesn’t get a DLC for Arkham City like Robin, Nightwing and Catwoman.


5. The Creeper: Personally, I have to assume that The Creeper is already planned for the third Arkham game. But even so, it’s a character I definitely want to appear. I bet Rocksteady can have a lot of fun with this character. He’s wild and colorful, but he could be really freaky in an Arkham game. He could be stalking Batman, the perfect character for a side quest who pops up now and again at random. He’d probably be more serious in the game than he was in Batman: The Animated Series, where he was basically just Freakazoid.

This look could definitely translate into the Arkham games

But why do I think the Creeper is already planned for the third Arkham game? And why do I want to see him so badly? Because Rocksteady has already steadily been building up the presence of the Creeper’s alter-ego: Jack Ryder! In Arkham Asylum, he was a voice on the radio and a Riddler puzzle. In Arkham City, Ryder appeared in the flesh as a political prisoner.

This guy, the one you had to save from a beatdown

I wiki-ed the Creeper’s origins, but they are weird. Something about drugs, a serum or some kind of surgically implanted device that gives him his powers. And apparently he came up with that costume for a party. Very weird. Either way, I would actually be surprised if Rocksteady didn’t show the the transformation from Jack Ryder into the Creeper in the third game. Why else feature Jack Ryder so prominently? Heck, I thought for sure the transformation would happen in Arkham City, but it did not. Ryder appeared once in the beginning, then again during the Deadshot side quest. Still, I expect Creeper in the third game, and I can’t wait.


4. A New Lead Villain: No more Joker! I get that he’s Batman’s arch enemy, and the most popular villain, but he’s been the main bad guy in both games so far. Even when Arkham City was clearly about Professor Hugo Strange and his dastardly plot, the story ended with a showdown against the Joker. The Joker didn’t really have anything to do with Arkham City the facility or Professor Strange. He was just there being the Joker. Though I may get my wish, considering the sorry state Joker was in during Arkham City.

You've got a little something right...there

And I don’t believe that Mark Hamill is completely done with ever doing the Joker’s voice again. Please. He’ll be back!

We all know that other villains can carry a story. Joker wasn’t in Batman Begins, after all. Not to mention countless comic book stories or cartoons. Let Scarecrow take over as the big bad, or introduce a new villain. Add some variety. The Arkham games are doing a fantastic job of putting their own spins on the classic villains. The fans love their version of the Scarecrow, and the likes of Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Mad Hatter and more were fantastic. Let one of them take the spotlight.

There are also classic villains who haven’t made any game appearance yet. For example…


3. Man-Bat and the Man-Bat Ninjas: One of my all-time favorite Batman villains is Man-Bat – where do they come up with these names? Anyway, he’s essentially a were-bat, a man that turns into a giant, man-sized bat with huge wings and fangs. And yet with the dozens of villains in the Batman: Arkham games, Man-Bat is nowhere to be seen. I don’t even remember if he got a bio or a scavenger hunt clue in Arkham Asylum. I know there were no references to Man-Bat in Arkham City.

So where is he? Hopefully being saved for the third game.

Fuck werewolves! I'm Team Kirk!

Dr. Kirk Langstrom was searching for some sort of scientific cure for his deafness, so he researched bats and their incredible hearing. And as is the way for comic book science (SCIENCE!), Langstrom developed a serum that, when ingested, turned him into the monstrous Man-Bat. I first discovered the character in Batman: The Animated Series. He was the villain in the very first episode. Overtime in the comics, Langstrom has become an ally of Batman as opposed to a villain. He’s even raised a family. There’s wife Francine and several children, all of whom have had some type of dalliance with the Man-Bat serum. Basically Kirk and Francine are this cute, often quarreling, married couple that helps out Batman from time to time, and can turn into giant were-bat monsters on occasion.

The family that flies together...is awesome together

Man-Bat would be a great villain for the third game because Batman would have to fight him in the open cityscape. All of the boss fights in Arkham Asylum and Arkham City take place in a single room or confined space. Out in the open game world, Batman only fights thugs. With Man-Bat, you’d have the villain flying around the city, and Batman would have to glide and grapple up to fight him.

Just like he’d have to do with the Man-Bat ninjas!

Batman is prepared for ANYTHING!

A few years ago in the comics, some bad guys got ahold of the Man-Bat serum and used it to transform a squad of ninja assassins into Man-Bat ninjas. Batman had to fight them off, and of course, he won. They haven’t been seen since, though they did get an action figure. Well I think the Man-Bat ninjas would be a perfect addition to the cast of thugs that Batman has to fight. The games are always spicing up the thug fights with gimmicks like machine guns, stun batons, riot shields, knives, swords, etc. For the third game, Batman would have to fight rooms full of flying, flapping, Man-Bat ninjas.

And if Rocksteady can perfect the aerial combat of Man-Bat flying around the city, I don’t see why Batman wouldn’t have to fight entire swarms of Man-Bat ninjas high up in the skyscrapers of Gotham City. It would be brilliant!


2. The Batcave and Wayne Manor: After two games, we have yet to visit the most iconic location in all of Batman: his home base. Unless you count the Challenge Maps in the recent Nightwing DLC, which I don’t. Those were only Challenge Maps, and only a few rooms of stately Wayne Manor. You couldn’t actually hang out in the Manor or visit with Alfred. And we have yet to visit the Batcave with all its classic souvenirs, like the T-Rex, giant penny, and Jason Todd’s memorial. This must be rectified!

Look at all that neat stuff you could visit!

I’m not quite sure how this would be possible in the next game. It depends on what they do. Batman actually lives several miles from Gotham City, with Wayne Manor out in the countryside. I doubt they’d want to pull a GTA: San Andreas and make both the city and the countryside. They could make the Batcave as some kind of hub station that you can visit throughout the game for various hub reasons, like stocking up on new weapons or checking out game trophies. But that just sounds needlessly complicated. In Arkham City you can check out trophies just by accessing them in the main menu. And you get new gadget upgrades in short cut scenes. Nobody wants to add a cumbersome hub to an already very efficient game. Just look at Fable III.

So how could it be done? Maybe if they bring in vehicles, you could just ‘Hit A’ when standing next to the Batmobile to take you back to the Batcave. Maybe you have to do some scientific stuff on the Bat-Computer somewhere in the game. Or maybe you can use different vehicles, and you have to go back to the Batcave to get the Batplane, the Batboat or the Batcopter. I don’t know why you’d have to go to Wayne Manor…unless they did something like Batman Begins, where the bad guys strike at Bruce Wayne directly.

The very definition of 'stately'

Yes! That’s it! Have the story involve someone attacking Batman through Bruce Wayne. Perhaps they destroy Wayne Manor in the main game, or take it over. And you have to stealthily move from room to room, and then down into the Batcave, to clear out the thugs and bad guys. In the end, though, I just want to be able to explore both structures at my leisure. I want Batman to be able to walk around the Batcave visiting the various exhibits. Let him walk through a garage full of different Batmobiles. Then I want to go up into Wayne Manor and just walk around, visit with Alfred and use the secret Grandfather clock entrance to the Batcave.

Of all the locations the next game could visit, Rocksteady needs to include the two most iconic in all of Batman.


1. Multiplayer: Let me first say that the focus of the Batman games should always be the stellar single-player campaign. So far they have been works of video gaming art. There is more depth and variety in the Batman campaigns than in the entire library of Mario games. But that being said, I think Rocksteady should push themselves even further to create multiplayer and cooperative content. I want nothing more than to be able to play with a friend as Batman and Robin, fighting side-by-side against a roomful of thugs.

Just imagine: co-op freeflow combat.

It’s the backbone of the entire Batman franchise.

I want to play that fight scene. Imagine how much fun that would be with Arkham City’s fighting style!

One of the main reasons that the Batman: Arkham games have been so successful is the invention of ‘freeflow combat’. A lot of video games involve fighting, but the developers at Rocksteady invented their own, unique fighting style to give the Arkham games their punch. Using simple commands like ‘attack’ and ‘counterattack’, freeflow combat sends Batman cartwheeling around a room slamming his fists and feet into one thug after another. The game takes over actual movement, the player just has to aim Batman and attack. It’s so much fun that even a room full of 30+ thugs seems doable.

It has to be played to be believed.

Now imagine taking on a room full of 60+ thugs with a friend by your side! Rocksteady would have to program a collision-detection system to keep Batman and Robin from bumping into each other, but just imagine pounding heads knowing that your partner has your back. One goes left, one goes right, and no skull is safe. Freeflow combat is already filled with special attacks and takedowns, well imagine adding some team-up moves to the mix. Batman could throw a thug towards Robin, and Robin could finish up the takedown. Or they could do double-clothesline attacks or team-up drop kicks.

The cooperation may not work as well on a split-screen, but a lot of games are dropping couch co-op in favor of online co-op.

Speaking of other games, a few years ago a game called Splinter Cell: Conviction had both a single-player campaign and a multiplayer campaign. They were two separate games on one disc, both of which involved spies moving swiftly and stealthily around an area taking out bad guys. The Splinter Cell games have a lot in common with the Batman games, and they were able to pull off a multiplayer mode. Two players each had their own spy and could move around a map independently of one another. They could coordinate their attacks or just go solo knowing that a partner was elsewhere doing the same thing.

The best superhero team ever!

So I would propose both a single player campaign and a multiplayer campaign for the third Batman: Arkham game. Keep it online co-op, so that each player has his or her own television to fully view their character’s movement. Then both Batman and Robin (or whoever you want as an ally) could move freely of each other throughout Gotham City. They could fight groups of thugs on their own, or team up to take on groups together. And when it came time to do one of the story missions, the players would be prompted to join up to play the mission together. Tons of games feature this sort of co-op gameplay, like Saint’s Row in their massive GTA-inspired cities.

It can work for Batman.

And we all know Rocksteady is just awesome enough to pull it off.

What do you want to see in the next Batman game? Tell me in the comments. 

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  1. i want 6.nightwing to be a playable storymode character 5.for the game to be involved with gotham city 4.manbat playable character 3.to be able to go to bludhaven 2.for storymode to be much longer 1……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….for you to be able to play with friends on xbox live

    • They should save bludhaven for the next game after the third maybe for like another city where some villains ran off to. Maybe even a huge twist behind the city. All i know is that i want these batman games to go on for a while!

    • 1 should b the game being longer much longer

  2. Six things I would love to be able to do, is one drive the Batmobile, two be able to travel back to Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, also The Creeper, also Man-Bat, also Wayne Manor and the Batcave, the return of The Scarecrow

  3. No offence, but the way you put some of your ideas I lily didn’t like. Especially multiplayer. That would really suck. And no Superman, please. I hate Superman.

    I wanna just see more villains (especially Scarecrow), a bigger world to play around in, to go to Wayne Manor, to drive vehicles, and a story which involves all of Gotham, not just one particular part of it.

    • I’m not a fan of superman being in it but it would b cool if the justice league station was involved maybe just as a challenge map

  4. No offense taken. I’d considered adding a vehicle portion to the game, but I don’t think there’s any way it could be as fun as Batman’s grappling and gliding. It would be a boring part that we’d have to slog through just to get back to the normal gameplay.

  5. I’m afraid I must disagree with item #4. Joker must return in some capacity, even if the storyline of a third game plays off of a Saw-style storyline, with a plot Joker had conceived before his death being carried out by Harley and her goons and Joker speaking to Batman from “beyond the grave” via the use of pre-recorded messages.

    It is not enough to say that Joker is Batman’s greatest enemy or that he’s the most popular villain. Any Batman story where he is not involved is instantly and noticeably less interesting. Batman Begins may not have had the Joker, but was it anywhere near as entertaining? All the films that followed Tim Burton’s Batman film were less interesting because they did not feature Joker (among other reasons). The animated series had more episodes without the Joker than with by necessity, but it is the episodes with Joker that typically come to mind when thinking of the show. The comics? When it’s some other villain it’s not nearly as tense or unpredictable, because Joker is the only villain whom you know is going to give a show and some surprise at the end.

    Basically, any Batman story aiming for excellence must include the Joker in some directly threatening capacity, even if he’s a secondary villain and not the primary. Hugo Strange was the primary villain for Arkham City (with Ra’s playing the hidden primary villain) and Joker was only secondary. It just seems like he stole the spotlight because that is how forceful the Joker is.

    Superman is less interesting when he’s not pitted against Lex Luthor. The Fantastic Four are less interesting when they are not pitted against Doctor Doom. The X-Men are less interesting when they are not pitted against Magneto. Sherlock Holmes is less interesting when he’s not pitted against Professor Moriarty. The examples go on and on. Whether he’s in the main spotlight or not, the third Arkham Game must have the Joker. The only excuse they could have for not including him is if Mark Hamill truly does decline the opportunity to return. If that’s the case, then forget it.

  6. I’m afraid we’ll just have to agree to disagree on the Joker, Teen Tyrant, but very compelling post. I wouldn’t mind if the plot of the third game followed some cool post-death scheme that the Joker had set in motion just in case he ever died. That actually sounds like a pretty cool story. But I disagree that the only good Batman stories are the ones that feature Joker. Of course, this is coming from a guy who thinks any Batman story that doesn’t feature Robin is less interesting. So take my opinion as you will.

    • That would b great if batman had to figure out so crazy ass plot by the joker if he died nothing more did joker love was messing with batman even in death I’m sure he loved just setting it up

  7. they could make 2 batman games killer croc or someone could be in the 3 one and there could be a bit in it with the joker on a tv screen and thats it leave him for a 4 th game

  8. and in the 4 th game shows u how the joker came back to life

  9. If he ever really died in the first place! Dun dun dun!

  10. “I’m actually a little surprised that Batgirl doesn’t get a DLC for Arkham City like Robin, Nightwing and Catwoman.” I was so frightened by this statement that it actually lead to anger (although a lot of the things you said afterward kinda made up for it). I feel that i need to remind you of a very simple fact: batgirl is sorta in a wheel chair. you are talking to her like half the game. It was probably my tendency to overreact but i found myself thinking- did this idiot even play the game. Don’t get me wrong; i love your ideas about the man-bats and found your story about them very informative. I also think that you may be on to something with Wayne Manor (although i think that they should take a page out of insomniac’s book and just put it as a “museum” at the end of the game that you can unlock) and this actually caused me to believe that you should be brought in as a consultant on the third arkham game. Going back to my original complaint however: a batgirl dlc would probably cause me to shoot myself because of her well established role as the oracle. BRAIN-FLASH: perhaps there could be a part where you move around the manor as the oracle. thats it with my rant

  11. No confusion here, friend. I quite simply meant one of the other Batgirls, like Cassandra Cain or Stephanie Brown. I am particularly fond of Stephanie’s purple-accented costume.

  12. now i am the fool. my apologies senor. as i said i have a tendency to over-react.

  13. what i want want in the next batman game is:

    1. More combat skills and gadgets and upgrades

    2. Batman, Catwoman, Nightwing, Robin(tim drake), superman, and wonderwoman to be playable in all parts of the game

    3. Batman able to use the batmobile, the batplane and him able to use his jet pack /w batwings so he can fly around the city like superman. And also to glide and dive bomb

    4. i want robin and nightwing to be able to ”glide” and dive bomb. and them both to have just jet packs.

    5. i want the environment a lot bigger. i want to be able to be able to explore all around bludhaven and gotham city

    6. More blood

    7. lets make batman have a ”little” romance with catwoman

    8. i want the enemies to scream and holler when they get their butt kicked by the heroes

    9. i want character switch points

    10. i want batman to have the following gadgets in the gadget selection: batarangs, remote controlled batarangs, the REC, explosive gel, cryptographic sequencer, batclaw, ultra batclaw, line launcher, the multi batarangs, sonic batarangs, freeze cluster grenades, freeze blast, smoke pellets, bat- grenades, the jet pack with batwings so he can fly, bolas so they can wrap people in cocoons or to knock them out.

    11. i want the map to be the same, and all upgrades and special moves to be available in the next game. i also want nightwing and robin to be able to talk and the same with the other characters, and their detective modes to be improved.

    12. Awesome dlc’s added to the game

    13. i also want the game to be a lot harder but still in combat i still want the lightning bolts to show up at the top of their heads.

    i know you can do it rocksteady

    • i have to disagree with the superman and wonder woman playable characters.
      This is a batman game, not superman, not wonder woman, they need to have batman universe heroes and villains, no superman unless you have to crush his face with kryptonite, because that actually almost happened in one of the comics,

  14. i last thing i want batman able to go to wayne manor and change to bruce wayne

  15. Harley Quinn fan

    With the next game I would like:

    1. Harley Quinn and her baby to be in it
    2. The Joker to return or Harleys baby to be the new Joker
    3. It would be awesome to play as more heros and to get the villans side of the story and play as them.
    4. More gagets!
    5. More Heros and Villans!

    • the problem of harleys baby being the new joker is that that would make batman way to old to be batman i know hes been around for 70 years but thats because time stays sorta constant so for harleys baby to be joker batman must have a son to be a new batman which would ruin the game

  16. Well i love all the ideas i just read and would go against them, but i will add one more thing. You know that after finishing the game, there is nothing to do but roam around. with that being said, it would be nice if side mission keep popping up even when the game is completed, like assaults, robbery, gang wars, etc… to still keep the “stalking the night” thing going. Oh and also, it would be awesome if we can use some of the vehicles.

  17. I agree with 5 of your ideas, except… taking the joker away. The joker is my FAVORITE thing about the Batman series. You can’t just take away a major part of the game! Having a Batman game without the joker is like a car without an engine… it just won’t work.

  18. There is clearly a lot of Joker love in this room. He is one popular clown.

  19. The 6 things I want in the next Batman game is,
    1.) Hush to have a bigger role now that he looks like Bruce Wayne. Hush is just an interesting character.
    2.) The batfamily to have a bigger role. As much fun Batman is to play by himself, I want to see robin, batgirl, oracle, nightwing, and maybe even the birds of prey.
    3.) To be out on Gothams Streets. Not inside the Asylum, Blackgate, or even Arkham City.
    4.) Talia Al Ghul to make another appearance with little Damian Wayne-Al Gulf. He is way to adorable.
    5.) Harley and her baby. I want to see what they could do with that. I do not want the joker to be in the next game. I love him but I want some of the other really good villains to get a chance to shine.
    6.) Some appearances from the JL.

  20. I agree with all of this. But i’ve got one more thing. How abou driving batmobile? Chasing thungs in vans or trucks, like in Dark Knight? Shooting all over city. And the multiplayer, of course. IT’S AN ORDER. They just have to make it. 2 players is fantastic. But imagine 4 players? For the whole Gotham. Batman, Catwoman, Nightwing, Robin. It would be awesome. And they could do all the missions together. Imagine Nightwing and Catwomen in some penthouse, robbing some bad a** gangster. And at the same time, Bat and Robin arresting thugs. Yea, they can put in rewards, for arresting criminals, bounties. Or something like that. If they pull this off in third game, boy…. All time best seller game award is their. And plus, more playable characters to download and play. Maybe even some villains?

  21. only one person even mentioned this but i want to be a villian lets be two-face, scarecrow, harly,croc, bane, heck evn some kind of resurected joker show me there side and also if there is another hero from the JLA it has to be sum1 kinda dark not bright and cheery like superman the tone of the game isnt right for him maybe gangbuster, black canary, or wildcat and now that man-bat is a good guy let him be a ally

  22. I think the story mode should be longer definitely.
    More side missions.
    Be able to drive Bat-vehicles.
    Also the boss battles should be better. I would of loved to fight Penguin one on one with all of his umbrella weapons and where’s the penguins like in Batman Returns?
    I always thought a good idea would be to switch the style up to more like in fighting games where you can fight a villain Tekken style.

    • That all sounds good other than the trekker style fighting of the bosses I like how u have 2 figure out there weakness but I don’t like how u have 2 hit them once or keep doing the same thing over n over but they really need 2 get out of the room n fight like in the city or whatever

  23. @Lukrativ Sorry man, but i have to disagree with that boss battles like Tekken style. It would not be fair. They should make it more interesting, like you are fighting a more experienced bare handed thug. So that he can counter your attacks. I think that would be more fun.

    Story mode: definitely longer, and larger missions, a lot more villains and sidekicks.
    Bat vehicles: OFC Batpod, Tumbler, Batplane….

  24. If you get the Robin DLC, one of this Challenge Maps (the train) has you fight Black Mask at the very end. He’s just a normal thug, albeit one that takes several beatings to defeat. I thought that was neat. And I enjoyed having to fistfight the Joker during that one big brawl in the funhouse.

  25. Yes… that was fun… but, in the next game, i would like all the villains to be on the open, and that you can fist fight them all…

  26. Brevon Ray Thompson

    in the 3rd game i would want poison ivy to be the main bad girl and to look sexy sexy. Raise your hands if you guys agree.

  27. I’m sorry but you guys are idiots:
    1.They can’t put vechailes in as it would destroy the whole game, who would use the grapple and glide to get around if you could fly and drive, it would make the game more like GTA and Saints Row rather than its own original twist.

    2. The game is so good because it is Batman facing the world all by himself, he has no backup and no superpowers which makes the game so good as you see him as just one ordinary man trying to make a difference.

    3.Although the man-bats and bat-ninjas do sound cool at first, but if you think about it you could be just trying to find a radio signal on a nice secure rooftop, when BAM suddenly a dozen ninjas WHO CAN FLY jump you and then your dead and you’ll be saying why the heck did they put Bat-ninjas in it. Also if they do put man-bat in i think it should be as a villian as i think that a boss fight against him would be alot more interesting.

    4. Yes the Joker has been used alot, but that doesn’t mean they should take him out, he is a vital component to the series..,its like saying that since Batman been the main character in the past two games you should replace him with Robin. Batman and the Joker, its a basic thing that needs to be in a Batman game if its ever going to be successful. Although i do believe that some villians got a ruff deal e.g Two-face and Scarecrow and that Rocksteady should incorperate more small time villians into side quests to make it more interesting.

    5. The Batcave would be a really bad idea, mainly because it would take alot of work and no matter how hard rocksteady try people are always going to be disappointed. I would also like to point out that the past two games have been played over about a dozen hours (in game story time) and therefore would it make sense if Batman was able to travel back to the other side of Gotham, have some tea, play on his computer, look at his museum and be back a few minutes later. Yes it sounds like agood idea to travel around the cave as the Oracle or Alfred, but then again it would mean that that cxharacter might miss an important call from good old Batsy and i don’t see them risking that.

    6. Adding the Justice League to the story would make it corny and tarnish the story. Infact who would seriously play as Batman, when you could play as Superman, the Flash, Wonder Women, Martian Manhutter or The Flash… thats be serious noone… following the old Arkham fights they would be invincible (except maybe the Flash, but then again they have to catch him to kill him). Furthermore, adding the JL characters to the storyline would cause more critism also as people would start to complain that you can’t play as them.

    In the end you have to think what you would want to play against/as in the Arkham series, not what you would like to do overall. Here is what i think should be added to the game to make it better:
    1. More space
    2. Harder enemies
    3. More side-missions
    4. Beter and more gadets
    5. More upgrades
    6.More side missions and Riddler challenges
    7. More Villians
    8. More weaponry e.g rocket launchers, grenades, yes this is more unrealistic, but hey these people are desperate to kill Batman

    • You have pretty conservative ideas for a next game. The only difference you would like is rocket launchers for the enemies (grenades are already in City). Outside of that it’s just more of the things that are there now.
      When I buy a new game, I want to play a new game, not just a bigger version of the previous game.
      The Jokes makes for a great story, but so can Ra’s and Hush. They already gave a little intro as the latter.
      Maybe you have to act as Bruce sometimes to counter his words, since he copied his face.
      Also, a new enemy, so Batman doesn’t already know what to do, which might mean more thinking work for the player.

  28. @Philip2580 it is not fair to call us all idiots, it makes you look like one. We are just expressing opinions, we know that not all of our ideas will ever see the RC monitors, but hey, these are just some quick ideas, no big thinking. You on the other hand, took some time to think it all through. I myself wrote that they should put Batmobile, precisely Thumbler. And Batpod ofc. My idea was to use them on some road fights, like protection, or just a faster way to the Batcave, Wayne Manor. I never had the idea to use it like in GTA. But the option to use Thumbler on highway around Gotham, or in a lot of streets, and the option to use batpod in all that, plus through some buildings, alleys. Gliding across the Gotham would be fun, at start, but you can’t say that at some point you will get bored. And that you wont get the idea to use thumbler to distract enemies, smash through their defences, use boost to jump of parking lots to nearby buildings. Or use batpod to quickly get to an alley where someone has been last seen, or something happened. They should give us everything, so that we can chose our weapon of choice. The thing that i would like to see is pure destruction, engine like in Red Faction Guerilla. The option to destroy a lot of things, and ofc those thing (buildings) will rebuild over time. Imagine jumping off a building with a thumbler, and landing in the middle floor of a 5 floor building, then jumping from batmobile and chasing someone in the building. Smashing through windows. Throwing enemies through the walls in the building just to get some information. You know, to use your enviroment, like in the beginning of Splinter Cell Conviction, when you question some black guy. That what i would like to see. Smashing a guy through a wall, hitting him with a chair, smashing his head into a table, sink, toiler, mirror, or even throwing him through a door, just to get a piece of information. That’s what i would like to see. That’s what i want. But these are just ideas, that came up in a minutes, not thought well. I know RC wont be able to pull this off. But hey, these are just my ideas. I am not saying that H4H is an idiot because he want’s Man-Bat. It is his idea, i personally don’t like it. But i wont mind if i see it in the next game. I just want Batman Arkham 3 to be the very best of RC. Thats all. Cheers

  29. @st3fan
    I don’t mean it like that i just meant that some of your ideas our unlike the last games and go against what makes batman. I have read some of H4H other articles and personaly i think their great, but here i think yous went against what has been built up over the years in past Batman games and comics.

  30. I know that most of our ideas will never see the screen in RS. But these are just ideas. With their wish to expand the game, move it to whole Gotham, we got ideas that just might contribute to their expansion. We are just writing down a whole bunch of dumb ideas, but just to see what everyone want’s. It would be nice if they could bring in the batmobile, or batpod, but they are not going to do it. My personal opinion is that they should try to make the next Batman game a very best of all games of all time.They have potential, they should aim it to make Batman3 even better then Mass Effect. They should just make it better, i really dont care about little things, i just want better game, because i myself have 10000 ideas, and it would be stupid if i just want them all to be done, and implanted in the game. As far as i am considered, they should make Batman 3, the best games of all time. N-Joy

  31. great ideas, i think the scarecrow may play a major role in the next game because there was an easter egg in arkham city with a boat in which the scarecrow had been testing his fear poison on a thug, theres also another easter egg where we see a pregnancy test in the jokers base (harley quinns)…. and its posotive, so harley is pregnant.

    in terms of online co-op, i would love free roam or challenge maps, or they could do something like in dead island where it has its own campaign.

    also to get robin in the game you could go to certain points and swap to robin (abit like when you could switch between batman and catwoman, on the pc version)

    • they left a lot of hints that harley and scarecrow are the next enemies, the boat, the scarecrow mask, the dead scarecrow thugs, harley singing hush little baby in the credits to her baby, the positive pregnancy test, the three hidden radio signals threatening batman if decoded and the password and the end of the last one is SCARECROW so you know it’s him, but personally, i think clayface will be another big enemy because remember when you defeated and the lazarus pit falls and the clay slides into it? he’s probably going to come back invincible and you have to find a way to stop him, and azrael side mission telling you gotham will burn and so will batman, it’s clearer than glass that there will be another rocksteady batman game

  32. and of course hush now has bruce waynes appearnce, so batman will have to try and sort that out, and im sure azreal will play a big part in the game

  33. I have got to say i agree with you Euan, although since harleys pregnant i think they will base the next game a few years on (maybe as much as 10) so that you can see what harley and jokers baby will be like, so by then i assume batman would have sorted hush out and we might even get an appearance from the Red hood.

    p.s. i personaly believe that they shouldn’t add robin, but if they do i hope its just for in the chanellge maps, maybe have someone like the red hood or maybe even a return of catwoman in the campaign, so its not all goody two shoes that we can play as

  34. On a durther note at one point Talia says, “after that night we shared in metroplosis”- in previous comics and cartoons this has typically been the point where Damian Wayne was born so he might even be the villian or maybe even hero in the next game, you never know.

    • That’s an interesting point. Arkham City is clearly telling their own stories when it comes to the Robins, but Damian would be fun addition to a future game.

      • I agree i hope there will be Damian Wayne, but i just hope we get to see what his character is like and what makes him tick as that really hasn’t been explored in past comics and tv shows.

  35. These are the following things i would like:
    1.Harley Quinn and her baby to be in it.
    2.To be able to play as villains.
    3.A bigger map
    4.More villians such as Penguin,Hugo Strange,Clayface,Harley Quinn,The Joker(coz he`s my favourite),Bane,Killer Croc,Poisoin ivy,Hush,Deadshot,Victor Zsaz and Man-bat:)
    5.Much,much,much,much longer story mode
    6.More gadgets,Upgrades.
    8. And Robin,Nightwing and batgirl to be involed in main story.Oh yeah and of course………………………………………CATWOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) I love her she`s so sexy and funny

    • These points are all natural evolution of games, but i believe number 8 is stupid as it will change the feel and play of the game dramatically.

  36. Dee_from Tampa Bay

    Since Barbra Gordon is now/currently wheel chair bound and is going under the identity of Oracle I want to see Cassandra Cain in the 3rd game. She is a great side kick for Batman, master martial artist, has a unique Batgirl sadistic styled costume. And just needs to be acknowledged more in the Batman (universe)!

  37. Oh come on this is a Batman story to have characters such as the robin and batwoman would totally change the feel of these games. being just batman adds to the solidarity feel of the game and is what makes it so epic

  38. dude after reading your ideas, i mean some of them are cool, but some of them kind of change the whole batman arkham game

  39. dude batgirl is in a wheel chair and robin is a main character in harley Quinn’s revenge and you just suck if you need a friend by your side to fight 60 thugs. joker was a big part of the story, hugo strange gave nora to joker, joker was working with hugo strange, joker took talia and joker poisoned batman and gotham city. so your just being stupid.

  40. I would love it if a charater from thomas the train came:3

  41. ima just kidin

  42. what if you could be alfred?
    would that be cool?

  43. Multiplayer would ruin this franchise. In a world obsessed with online gaming, the Arkham games are a saving grace for traditional single player fans. You make me sick.

  44. Play as all the villain well atleast sum of them like bane, joker,Harley Quinn catwoman, and man-bat but first add in man-bat then make him playable and make it 2 player of course after you beat the game I just think it would be funny flying around and picking up and dropping someone as man-bat or punching someone 20 ft away with bane or using Harley’s sledge but I also think it would be cool if villains had mini story but no JL or vehicles and I would think it would be hilarious if you could walk around as Alfred butler outfit silver plate beating thugs xD

  45. Mr J forever

    Man bats a good idea,co op not so sure about anyway what about scarecrow he could have made a plan with the joker before he died and that the poison also had some hallucination stuff in and batman gets affected after he had the cure because the cure triggerd the hallucination which makes batman think joker is still alive and hunts the joker only to find out he was hunting a police officer PS: mark hammill is a good actor but if he cant come in how about another actor for joker after all it is an hallucination but if mark hammil didnt quit harley could find a lazurous pit and bring him to life at the end…and hush to trick alfred and he find out about batmans identity bat girl and the rest can have little story modes and definatley the idea of damian wayne thats not to hard is it rocksteady if you made the city and asylum whats stoppin you from doin this.
    and the arkham games was based on joker with him takin over da asylum havin a few spots that will kill him

    Mr J’s Mater Plan dun dun dah…

  46. No one needs to know

    Also if superman or green lantern were in it it would be a lot like lego batman 2 except boring as supermans invincible unless lex was in it then batman would be called Justice League Unite or somethin like that dc worldscollide i dont know

  47. Its obvious that people all want the same thing. For their to be more playable main story characters. Because as fun as it is to play as batman and then catwoman. They should have it so Batman, Nightwing, Robin, and catwoman can all be playable characters. And year make it so you can call the batmobile and you can go to the cave and it would be cool if you could like be bruce wayne and then when something happens you go to the cave and become batman or if you choose in the beginning to be robin you could change to him or whatever.

    1. More playable characters not just for challanges. Batman, Robin, Nightwing, Catwoman

    2. Use all of the gadgets that he has. BATMOBILE

    3. Be able to go to the batcave

    get all of the skins again so you can be batman beyond that was pretty cool.

    4. and finally Make the four have their own story, moves, gadgets, batman gets to go to his hideout, and get his car and all of the people get to go to the batcave. Please add some of these things rocksteady!!!!!


  49. First of all, Robin, not Batman, is the Dick. (See what I did there?).
    Secondly, I think that the gameplay area doesn’t have to be bigger as long as it’s more open. In Arkham City, the gameplay area was supposed to be so much larger, but Batman could not enter all the buildings (which he could do in Arkham Asylum.)
    I also want to see the return of Hush.

    • Also, why not different suits for different missions? You could choose your suit (like the freeze suit) and a limited number of gadgets. (This choice would be made from a longer list of gadgets than the first games.) You would have to beat the level with only the items you have.

  50. Nope. I agreed with everything in here all the way until you took a stab at Mario. You lost me right there.

  51. Joker is the main villain character bc it cant be anybody else. I know joker died but he is top villain of all and i want joker to come back alive bc he is the best villain

  52. First of all, I think that all of your ideas for the next game sound great.
    It would be so cool if you could stroll around Gotham as Bruce Wayne during the day, and then return to Wayne Manor and change into Batman at night.
    As for the story, I think that Scarecrow HAS to feature as the main villain. He should be completely insane, with his body completely mutilated. He would team up with Man-bat and Hush (all three are scientists) and capture Harley’s baby (named Jester or something similarly clown like) and genetically alter his body to be that of an adult, as well as alter his mind so he can do basic things like walk, talk and fight, but also so he knows that Batman is his enemy.
    So Batman must battle Scarecrow, Man-Bat, Hush and Jester, as well as other villains like Zzasz and Killer Croc and Bane.
    And as for Joker, possibly Scarecrow recovers his corpse and reanimates his using Lazarus fumes. Scarecrlw could create some kind of serum out of Titan, Lazarus stuff (and maybe some of Superman’s Kryptonian cells) to turn Joker into a God-like being (coz Scarecrow is mad and wants to destroy Gotham in the most terrifying way possible).
    Then Jester turns good and helps Batman take down the reanimated god-Joker.
    I also think that the batmobile should be used for racing and persuit sections, rather than as a means to traverse Gotham, as gliding around as Batman is much more fun.

  53. Read my mind. Everything I wanted, especially a batman/robin team-up. I will Mention this to my supervisors.

  54. I want scarecrow to be the main villain in the next game. He would team up with Hush and ,as Hugo Strange did in AC, he would use the Madhatter to control batman’s mind. he could also use the joker, talia… in his hallucinations, and use animals such as cockroaches to spread his drug in Gotham.
    Killer croc would be Scarecrow’s pet.
    i also want to see Double Face, Black mask, ventriloquist and Great White Shark

  55. It would be cool to can drive the batmobile

  56. TO ROCKSTEADY: i would like this stuff to be in your new batman game.

    1. Side missions as Robin or Bruce Wayne

    2. Scarecrow (in the boss battle with scarecrow, scarecrow could make it look like the future so you have to fight him in the batman beyond costume)

    3. pre-recorded messages from joker

    4. Clayface, Bane, or some other strong villian running around the streets that you have to avoid getting caught by

    5. Side mission involving some of the Justice League

    6. Robin as a playable character in story mode (like how catwoman is in Arkham City)

    7. To have the last boss being Harley Quin ( she would be riding a super venomed henchman and it would have two hammers and your suit to be Batman arkham city armoured edition SUIT ONLY FOR LAST BOSS)

    8. More room to play in

    9. a LOT longer story line

    10. Zombie side mission (scarecrow… DUH!)

    11. Batcave

    12. Superman on a DLC challenge map

    i am looking forward to the new game. pleez do not say anything about how stupid my ideas are. these is just MY ideas for the new game! not yours!

  57. I lived the adaption (originally comics) of Calander Man. They used the more creepy, recent one and made him Hannibal Lecter like. I loved it so much because a typically campy character was turned into the psychopath he’d be in real life. Not only do I want Calander Man to be a boss I A3, but I’d like to see them take more campy villains and make them creepy and psychotic or sadistic or deranged. Crazy Quilt? Clock King? The possibilities are endless

  58. Anyone heard of Black Lightning? I think he’d be a pretty cool ally. Maybe not as much integrated, a cameo like Robin was in Arkham City (not counting DLC). He has electro kinesics-related powers, and the InFamous games were pretty awesome… Cole MacGrath ringin’ any bells?

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