Skyrim to Feature Vampires, Vampire-Killers

Looks like I’ll soon have to break out my old Skyrim game again for some sweet DLC. Don’t game makers know that I’m already pretty swamped when it comes to video games? Why do they have to release this amazing trailer for the upcoming Dawnguard expansion pack?

Boy howdy, that looks like fun! What my intrepid mind can piece together is that the new story mission is going to involve some kind of pack of super vampires who can transform into some kind of winged beast monster. Vampirism is already a thing in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, as it has been in most Elder Scrolls games. Basically your character can contract vampirism the same way normal people can, by being infected by a vampire. I haven’t experienced it myself with my characters, but you basically get hurt by sunlight and have a few other vampire-esque traits. Likewise, Skyrim also introduced werewolfism, which allows your character to become a werewolf and transform into a monster!

It was pretty sweet.

So I hope this new vampire transformation is equally sweet. Though I think my valiant orc warrior Tannenbum is going to join the titular Dawnguard, who seem to be the people who hunt and kill the vampires. Though that doesn’t necessarily make them good guys, mind you. I don’t know this for sure, but it seems like the DLC is going to be based around choosing either the Dawnguard or the vampires. I look forward to the excitement.

When I play these role-playing games, I really get into the storyline of my character. And for the same reason Tannenbaum never became a werewolf, I doubt I’ll have him become a super vampire. It’s just not who he is. That’s why I created a second character who could complete the Companion/werewolf storyline. Because becoming a werewolf (or vampire) is akin to picking an entirely different race. I didn’t want to get werewolf in my orc, if that makes any sense.

Either way, it looks like Tannenbaum is soon going to have to come out of retirement. And here I’d had him living in a nice mansion in Solitude, living off his great wealth and his membership in the Bard College.

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