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Marvel: Midnight Suns Looks Fascinating

I didn’t really know what to make about the reveal trailer for Midnight Suns, a new Marvel video game coming sometime next year. It’s…it’s a lot to take in. And honestly, it looks like one of those cheap Marvel mobile games. See for yourself.

The trailer looks like madness. But maybe in a good way?

The one thing keeping me tethered to hope for Midnight Suns is that it is produced by Firaxis, a game studio responsible for the XCOM games. I recently got into XCOM this pandemic and I really, really enjoyed XCOM 2. The in-field battle tactics were superb.

Firaxis people have come out to say that Midnight Suns is not just going to be a superhero skin over the top of XCOM core gameplay, but they’ve also said the game is going to be about in-field battle tactics. So we’ll just have to wait for a gameplay trailer to know for sure. But the general idea of an XCOM style game, where your squad is comprised of a bunch of Marvel superheroes, sounds phenomenal. I am here for that kind of game.

So we’ll find out when Marvel: Midnight Suns comes out in March 2022!


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