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How About a Big, Extended Look at Hogwarts Legacy?

It’s the last day of my vacation and I’ve got to go back to work tomorrow. Ain’t that a drag? Well over the weekend, to raise my spirits, we got this extra-long visit to Hogwarts Legacy, a video game I am very much looking forward to in a couple of months. Hopefully it plays well on the Playstation 4 because I haven’t yet splurged on the hard-to-find PS5 just yet. We see a lot and learn a lot in this video, if you fancy a watch.

The create-a-wizard looks amazing. Lots of options, so that’s good. The common rooms and the castle look great, full of NPCs doing their own thing. That’s neat. We won’t be getting Bully-esque classes, like I wanted. I can live with that. There will be a day/night cycle, that’s cool. Yeah, this is a really good look at the game. And, hopefully, all of these things can be approved upon in a hopeful sequel.

First we need to find out if it plays OK on the PS4, pretty please.

Hogwarts Legacy comes out on Feb. 10.


Our Biggest Look Yet at Hogwarts Legacy!

In the end, I’m probably gonna buy and play Hogwarts Legacy. I love open world RPGs, I love create-a-character stuff and I still love the Wizarding World. It may have all been created by a terrible TERF, but being able to create my own wizard and send them wandering around a fully realized Hogwarts? This is gonna be too good to pass up.

Playstation and the game developers released this huge look at the game yesterday and every single thing in this video is exactly what I want to hear.

Create-a-character looks great. We’ve got a ton of outfit choices as well. I’m shocked that the game will diverge on which house you get to join, that’s insane. Are there going to be four different games? Surely the game changes depending on your House, right?! The wand fighting looks cool and fluid. The world looks huge and open worldy. The classroom stuff looks straight out of Bully, which is exactly what I want.

This game looks great and now I’m very excited to play. This is gonna be a helluva year for video games! Hogwarts Legacy is due out at the end of the year, but there’s a good chance it’ll get delayed — which I have no problem with! We’ve waited this long, I’m more than willing to keep waiting if they need to make the game more perfect.


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