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Sean’s Guide to Wedding Gifts

I attended the wedding of an old family friend over the weekend and I’ve come away with a rather fun anecdote I thought I’d share with everyone. I can’t be talking about comics all the time, right? Sometimes I might actually have some interesting advice to dish out! And I definitely do when it comes to wedding gifts.

Neither my sister or my brother has gotten married yet, so for the past several weddings I’ve attended, I’ve pretty much just been a cousin or a random friend who got invited. They’ve been some great ceremonies, and I love all these people dearly, but in the grand scheme of things, I was pretty low on the totem of important people – and therein lies the genius of what I’m about to tell you. I’m sure we’ve all been in this situation, where we’re just not that important of a person at a wedding. There are tons of aunts, uncles, parents, siblings, best friends and more who can do all of the important wedding stuff, like stick to the gift registry or support the bride and groom. For those of us on the fringes, I recommend having some fun with that position.

Here’s a picture I took of the bride – let’s call her ‘Mel’ – and her son ‘James’ admiring the gift I bought.

Note the Star Wars bag in which it was delivered.

During the wedding reception, James happened to notice the bag, which was entirely the point. I knew the kid would love it. What I didn’t expect was that James hunted down his mother, pulled her away from the festivities and asked her if they could open the present. Fortunately, my table happened to be right next to the gift table, and I was able to witness this glorious exchange. And of course I told them they could open it. It was their present.

Inside was three things: an air-popping popcorn maker, the necessary popcorn, and a Halloween card in which I had written ‘Happy Wedding’.

It’s OK, I’ll wait until your laughter dies down.

This was definitely a ‘you had to be there’ moment. But from it I hope to impart a kernel of an idea: if you’re a low on the totem-pole wedding guest, then have some fun with your gift! I once got my friend Shannon a toaster that burned the Spider-Man symbol into the bread, because he’s such a Spider-Man fan! (I’m not sure what his wife thought of the gift) And this was the second air-popping popcorn maker I’ve given out as a wedding gift. They’re just fun, and I think a wedding is a great place to have some fun.

So my advice to you is that next time you attend a wedding, put your gift in a Star Wars bag…but only if the bride and groom have a good sense of humor. Don’t go getting your head bitten off by angry relatives.

Also, James was really, really disappointed that there weren’t Star Wars toys in the bag…So plan accordingly.


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