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This Has Got to Be Some Kind of Trick…

I’m actually a little speechless about this casting news. Not only are we living in a world where both Green Arrow and the Flash have amazing live action TV shows, but we also live in a world that reaches back 20 years and recasts Mark Hamill as the Trickster!

For those who don’t know, Hamill played the supervillain Trickster in the original live action Flash TV show in the early 90s. Don’t believe me? Here’s Youtube!

Actual physical proof that this was a thing in the early 90s!

Well now the forces of the universe have come together to bring Hamill back to play the Trickster again on the new Flash live action TV show on The CW! This is all according to Hitflix.

This is probably the most insane casting news I’ve ever written about for this blog. It defies all expectations of how the universe is supposed to work. We’re not supposed to get nice things! The world isn’t supposed to make such perfect sense!

According to Hitflix, Hamill will play an older Trickster who was locked up in prison a long time ago as a terrorist. He’ll be a Hannibal Lecter-type villain, advising the Flash from inside a prison cell, while a new, younger Trickster tries to play copycat. This actually lines up with the comics, since there really is an older Trickster and a younger Trickster who tried to steal his identity.

Whatever happens, this casting is some amazing news. This is a good day.

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