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The Hobbit Finale Comes Out This Week!

Martin Freeman is kind of awesome.

So I’m definitely excited for The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies – or as I like to call it, The The: The The of The The Thes. The Hobbit movies haven’t been as good as The Lord of the Rings masterpieces, but I’ve enjoyed the ride so far.  I just gotta find a three hour block to fit it in.


The Avengers to Reap Cosmic Justice for the Last Few Seasons of The Office

I loved The Office. The show was amazing, the characters were great, and it was definitely appointment TV. But towards the end, it just got bad. It lost all of the magic of the earlier seasons, and it just started piling on bad characters. Worst of all was James Spader as Robert California. Wow, did I hate Robert California. He’s probably the No. 1 reason I stopped watching The Office.

Well lo and behold, the Avengers themselves are going to step up and avenge my lost love! James Spader has been cast as Ultron in The Avengers sequel!

He already looks like a robot

I know Spader is probably just going to be voicing a robot – what with Ultron being a robot – but this still means the Avengers are going to put the beat down on Robert California! This is exciting news.

6 TV Shows with Great Christmas Episodes

Everybody loves a good Christmas special, especially me. Whether its the old-fashioned classics, like Rudolph or Charlie Brown, or maybe it’s newer movies that are particularly awesome, like Elf. Christmas has always been solid creative fodder for some really great entertainment. The combination of cheerfulness, the Christmas Spirit and some awesome characters and mythology makes for good storytelling.

All I want for this.

Nowadays, we don’t get a lot of those standalone Christmas specials, like Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer or that one where Santa Claus teachers the Winter Warlock to walk again. Don’t pretend you don’t know the words.

Instead we get Christmas episodes of our favorite TV shows! Here are 6 TV Shows that have Great Christmas Episodes.

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