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The New Mutants Movie is Finally Happening!

What a long, strange trip it’s been! Back when FOX Studios still owned the X-Men, they commissioned a spin-off film based on the New Mutants from the comics. FOX went ahead and actually made the film starring the classic comic characters like Cannonball and Wolfsbane, and they made it into a horror movie.

The New Mutants film was supposed to come out…either last year or the year before, but it got indefinitely delayed while Disney went about buying FOX. Everybody thought Disney would just shelve the project, or maybe quietly air it on Disney+ just to get rid of it.

But nope! A new trailer came out today with the promise that The New Mutants will be in theaters on April 3! Fancy that.

Trailer looks pretty darn cool. It succeeds in taking these mutants and putting them in a horror film, that’s for sure. Things look scary. But will it be scary? Will it be a quality film at all? Who knows! But you can be darn sure I’ll be in the theater to find out.

Perhaps now the FOX X-Men franchise can end with a good movie instead of Dark Phoenix last year.


New Mutants is Apparently Going to Be Terrifying!

The New Mutants movie is happening, which I find to be partially insane. Like, surely nobody outside of comics cares about or even knows about The New Mutants. It’s a weird name, when you think about it. And what does the movie have to gain by sticking to the original character roster of The New Mutants in the first place?

And for that matter, why make it a horror movie?!

Looks neat! I would almost be surprised if anybody in the movie actually used their powers. Like, it would practically ruin the tone of the film if Cannonball went all cannonball on the horror, right?!

Anyway, The New Mutants is going to be a movie! It comes out on April 13!


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