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The King’s Man Is Still Planning to Come Out

The King’s Man prequel movie is slated to be released in theaters on Sept. 28. It’s not the first big budget movie to try to return to theaters this summer/fall, but it’s nice that it’s still holding on with some hope. The new trailer looks pretty neat.

I like the general idea behind The King’s Man. Take the cool, stylized concept of the Kingsmen movies and apply it to a period piece. That could be fun! And hopefully we will indeed have movie theaters back by the end of September.


The King’s Man Looks Pretty Neat!

I wasn’t too impressed by the first trailer for The King’s Man, the upcoming prequel to the Kingsmen series. But this second trailer looks like a lot of fun!

Lots of highly choreographed fighting, lots of nifty gadgets, some cool dialogue; it all looks like a pretty neat adventure. Consider me on board for looking forward to this movie, which comes out on Feb. 14…Valentine’s Day.

I need to find a date!


The King’s Man is Gonna Be A Thing

I don’t think the Kingsmen franchise is strong enough to support a random prequel, but The King’s Man is going to be a thing. I’ll admit it’s a neat take on the name, but this first trailer doesn’t impress too much.

I liked the first one, like everybody else. The second one not so much. Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about dead characters being brought back to life unnecessarily because this film goes back to the origins of the organization. Hopefully they have a nice story to tell.

The King’s Man comes out in February.


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