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Tenet is Still Scheduled for Next Month in Theaters!

This trailer is a couple weeks old. I’ve been sitting on it waiting for a day where I didn’t have much else to post about. It’s a trailer for the next big Christopher Nolan movie, Tenet. And it’s the movie that could determine the future of the film industry.

Tenet is scheduled for release in movie theaters on July 17. If it holds to that date, it will be the first major movie to come out in theaters since the pandemic started. That’s a big deal. If it actually opens in theaters, it will be a strong sign that movie theaters could go back to normal and other big movies will follow, like Mulan and Wonder Woman 84.

But if Warner Bros. balks and delays Tenet because of the virus, all other upcoming movies will also likely be delayed. And we might not get new movies in theaters until the end of the year…if ever. Who will know at that point?

Basically, keep your eyes on Tenet if you want to know what the future holds.


Let’s Get Weird With It With Tenet

I’m home from another lovely Christmas holiday with my family! But I don’t have much to share. In comic book news, I got the first compendium of Saga! That thing is a beast! My family is great!

So let’s just ease back into blogging with the trailer for Tenet, the next weird movie from Christopher Nolan!

I’m not sure what to make of all of this, other than it looks pretty cool! Weird and cool are Christopher Nolan’s cup of tea, and I’m sure we’ll all have a really good time. Somebody remind me to rewatch his Dark Knight trilogy one of these days.

Tenet comes out on July 17.


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