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Sean vs. His Alma Mater

Sorry for the inactivity, loyal blog-readers. I had a pretty hectic past few days. On Friday, there was another huge fire for me to write about for my newspaper. It’s winter, so there are a lot of those. But it was also super cold out, with my crappy shoes soaking through with frigid water. So by the time I got home, I was dead on my freezing cold feet and just wanted to relax. Plus there simply weren’t any good things to write about on Friday.

Though the fire was pretty cool. I got to interview a one-legged man who saved himself and his girlfriend from the second-floor. And a heroic barber who ran upstairs from his barbershop to help out. So pretty cool story. I wish it was online so I could share with everybody…but my newspaper seems to think the Internet stopped growing circa 1996.

Something like this

So another cool fire story.

Then on Saturday, I got a call from my old high school friends out of the blue to go see a basketball game. I don’t know if I’ve written about this before on my blog, but I bleed Orange – Syracuse University Orange, that is!

Otto in the house!

I graduated from SU in 2005 (holla!), but it’s rare that I’ve been back to campus. So the fact that my Alma Mater has the #1 college basketball team in the country sounded like a damn good reason to get out of the house. I don’t live far, so it was a quick drive – in freezing cold temperatures. Still winter.

Hung out with some old pals, saw a great game and basically had a busy weekend so far. Syracuse destroyed the Providence Friars. It’s pretty clear why Syracuse is #1. They played some damn good basketball. The Friars played good starting out, but it wasn’t long before Syracuse was more than twice their score and maintained that commanding lead for the rest of the game. I’m not a sports guy, but I enjoy attending a good game with friends.

I also had the horrible fun of visiting my old college campus. Clearly I’m not in as good of shape as I was in my college days, because it was brutal for this chubby, out-of-shape guy to walk around that campus. A lot of it’s uphill too. So ugh, my Alma Mater did a number on me.

At any rate, that’s my excuse for not giving you all much to read this weekend: a busy social life!

Stay tuned this upcoming week for a look at the Watchmen 2 rumors and possibly my 300th post!

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