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Movie Trailer Monday

It’s another quiet day in having random things to share on this blog. But it’s Monday, the start of the week, and I should post something, right? Might as well. So here’s a pair of new trailers that came across my desk last week. Will they be good? Maybe! Should you watch them? Watch the trailer first and figure out for yourself.

First up is Beef, about road rage.

Apparently this is a series and not a movie, a mistake I made in the opposite direction with the trailer for Ghosted. Who can even tell anymore?! Movie? Series? life is weird. Anyway, That’s Beer and it’s coming to Netflix on April 6.

Next up is for sure a movie, called Joy Ride. About a couple of party women going on a road trip in China and getting up to all sorts of hijinks.

This is a new movie for Stephanie Hsu, who will hopefully have an awesome career following her Best Supporting Actress nomination for Everything Everywhere All At Once. Also, I’m now noticing that both of these trailers star Asian American actors. That’s cool!

Joy Ride is coming to theaters on July 7.


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