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My 6 Favorite Sports Teams (And Why)

I don’t care for sports. I don’t watch them. I don’t follow them. I’m a geek. All the knowledge that would go to memorizing sport stats instead goes to knowing X-Men stats. Sports just ain’t my thing and I’m totally fine with that. My mom still thinks I’m OK.

Do the sports! Win the points!

But I do have favorite sports teams. If you were to point at a popular national sport, I could probably definitely name a team I ‘like’ or ‘root for’, as is the proper vernacular. Most people pick their favorite sports teams based on geography or legacy or any number of normal reasons. I’m probably a little bit different.

With baseball winding down and football winding up, I’ve decided to finally put all my cards on the table about me and sports. Join me after the jump to take a gander at my favorite sports teams!

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6 Sports-Themed Superheroes Not Quite Ready for the Big Game

Super Bowl Sunday is stampeding towards us on the gridiron, and what better way to celebrate than by uniting jocks and nerds into one glorious list? Easier said than done, it seems. This may or may not surprise you, but apparently sports have very little to do with superheroes, despite the fact that both involve men and women dressing up in brightly-colored, often animal-themed costumes for our amusement.

The Buffalo Sabre – Did you know Stan Lee designed superheroes for every NHL team?

In celebration of the biggest game day of the year, I’ve decided to spread the wealth of geekery to my more athletic brothers and sisters. Click the jump to see 6 of the sportiest superheroes and villains in comics! Though I wouldn’t necessarily let any of them go home with the game ball.

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Take That, Jocks!

My blog is a fairly nerdy blog. Comic books, video games, geeky movies, it’s the natural order of things around here. And I’m not ashamed to admit that I am, indeed, something of a nerd. Been that way all my life. Let’s not even talk about high school. So how about we start this morning by making fun of some jocks! Wooooooo!

I love Bad Lip Reading.

Jocks Are Geeks Too

I don’t care much about sports. When comic books and video games are my thing, football and basketball tend to get pushed to the side. Such is the Circle of Life. But we’re not living in an 80s movie, people! Jocks can be geeks too! Check out this episode of ESPN NFL Kick-Off, where the anchors insert as many Princess Bride references as possible!

That sort of fun is why I still have faith in humanity.

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