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My Top 6 Favorite South Park Episodes

As you read this, I am hip deep in cows, fart jokes and biting social satire on a quest to uncover the Stick of Truth! The long-awaited South Park RPG was released yesterday, and I tell you without a hint of remorse that I dipped into my savings to buy the game as soon as possible. So far, Stick of Truth is as glorious as we all hoped it would be. And I am definitely in a South Park mood.

So how about we talk about our favorite episodes?

Is it OK if I love them all?

I have been a South Park fan since before my dad would even let me watch it. I can still remember begging him to record an episode so that my brother and I could watch it later, because it aired after our bedtime. It was the first season episode where the boys get into a race with Death because Stan’s grandpa wants to die…or something. My memory is fuzzy. But what’s not fuzzy is that unlike other venerable animated series, South Park has remained as funny and as sharp as ever even though they’re nearing 20 seasons.

Putting together this list was tough, but I think I have my narrowed down favorites! And please share yours in the comments. I’d love to hear them.

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Even Newer South Park: The Stick of Truth Trailer!

E3 continues to rattle on without me there, because I guess someone forgot to send an invite out to the lone, independent blogger who sometimes writes about video games. There are a ton of trailers coming out, but I’m going to stick to the games I’m super excited about. Yesterday we had Batman, now we have South Park: The Stick of Truth!


The Stick of Truth Will Warp Our Fragile Little Minds

Oh my God, you guys. I missed this during Assassin’s Creed Week, but this trailer is too damn good! It’s an actual gameplay trailer for the upcoming South Park RPG Stick of Truth!

The game looks incredible! It looks exactly like the show. To hell with all those old South Park games that tried to turn them into 3D computer animated characters. That was garbage, this is awesome. Just look at all those awesome South Park Easter Eggs and references to the show. This game is making me drool. A fantasy-based South Park RPG. Oh man, oh man.

6 TV Shows with Great Christmas Episodes

Everybody loves a good Christmas special, especially me. Whether its the old-fashioned classics, like Rudolph or Charlie Brown, or maybe it’s newer movies that are particularly awesome, like Elf. Christmas has always been solid creative fodder for some really great entertainment. The combination of cheerfulness, the Christmas Spirit and some awesome characters and mythology makes for good storytelling.

All I want for this.

Nowadays, we don’t get a lot of those standalone Christmas specials, like Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer or that one where Santa Claus teachers the Winter Warlock to walk again. Don’t pretend you don’t know the words.

Instead we get Christmas episodes of our favorite TV shows! Here are 6 TV Shows that have Great Christmas Episodes.

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