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There’s Gonna Be Another Tomb Raider Game

If you’re like me, you never played any of the classic Tomb Raider games that made the series popular in the first place. If you’re also like me, the first ever Tomb Raider game that you actually played was the 2013 reboot, which you enjoyed enough to buy and play the 2015 sequel, Rise of the Tomb Raider.

And this means you’ll be excited to hear about the threequel, Shadow of the Tomb Raider!

Yeah, I’m excited to have another game in this series to play. It’s a fun action game with solid gameplay, cool cinematic moments, and an OK storyline. Bring on another one! I’ll gladly play.

Also, while we’re on the subject, I mostly enjoyed the forgettable Tomb Raider movie earlier this year. It’s based on this series of games, and they do an OK job with it, but made a lot of boring story and character choices. Could have been better. We probably won’t get a sequel.

But hooray for a new game in a couple months! Did I tell you readers that I’ve decided to splurge on a Playstation 4, to get me back into the console game after 2+ years?


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