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Super Big, Fan-Spliced Trailer for Rogue One is Pretty Neat

Did you guys hear there was a new Star Wars movie coming out this year?

Once again, I wish I had some actual skill when it comes to video editing. I know how to do it, but man, I could never pull off something this good. The world has passed me by! Fortunately, I can always just go see Rogue One in December! Major props to Science vs. Cinema for putting this together.


Rebellions Are Built on Hope!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has always been in our future, though without any of the excitement of The Force Awakens. But at least the people involved with the movie can make a damn good trailer!

I think this might be my most favorite trailer yet for Rogue One! It reveals a lot of story, boosts some real emotions and better defines out main character. Looks like we could have a winner! And I’m even more excited now about the possibilities of a new Expanded Universe.


Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer Delivers Both Stars and Wars

It’s a real shame that ‘Star’ and ‘War’ don’t rhyme. But rather than dwell on the unfairness of life, let’s enjoy a new trailer for Rogue One!

Looks pretty snazzy! Characters are coming together, the jokes are landing. Here’s hoping this mission gets pulled off without a hitch! If we’re gonna get more of these films until the heat death of the universe, I’d like to know that the’re gonna be good.


Here’s Some Star Wars Stuff to Enjoy

Did you hear they’re making another Star Wars?

So the big Star Wars Celebration event went down in England over the weekend, with all manner of cool news from the new season of Rebels and the upcoming film, Rogue One. Obviously, I didn’t attend, but the Internet is always on the up and up about this sort of thing. We can enjoy the fruits of Celebration without having to actually go!

For example, here’s the new trailer for Star Wars: Rebels season 3! It’s a fine show. Nothing spectacular. Though I did enjoy the season 2 finale.

And while they haven’t released the new trailer for Rogue One just yet, here’s a nifty behind the scenes semi-trailer they put out.

Looks like a quality adventure! Here’s hoping Star Wars continues to be awesome and enjoyable in the years ahead.


Today We Enter An Age Unlike Any in Our History, One With Awesome Star Wars Spin-Off Movies

The first trailer for Rogue One hit the Internet today, and it’s a transformative experience. Up until today, the only real Star Wars movies were about the main Saga and the familiar characters. They’ve been big, blockbuster events, enjoyed by many. There have been tons of supplemental materials, like comics and cartoons, but the movies were special events.

Now, with Rogue One, we’re going to get big event movies that deals with material outside of the main Saga. After watching this first trailer, I say bring it on!

There’s just something so visceral about this trailer. I love it. I love the way it looks at Star Wars from a grounded, almost street-level perspective. I love the way it positions the Rebellion as a real, gritty, dangerous thing. That’s something I don’t know if I’ve ever felt with Star Wars.

I hope they can pull this off, and all their spin-off movies will be good. I’m not really looking forward to a Young Han Solo movie, but this sort of thing could be right up my alley.


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