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The Secret Origin of Red Tool!

Huh. Talk about your deep cuts…

In the latest issue of the ongoing Harley Quinn comic, writers Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti have revealed the secret origin of one of my favorite characters, Red Tool! I didn’t know he even had a secret origin! And it’s a bit of a neat little doozy!

Red Tool Origin 01

A new legend is born!

Haven’t even heard of Red Tool? That’s OK! That’s what I’m here for! Red Tool is a Deadpool knock-off and supporting character in the current Harley Quinn comic, introduced a couple years ago. He’s one of Harley’s various sidekicks and happens to be quite infatuated with the lady. She tolerates his advances to an extent, and might even reciprocate from time-to-time, but for the most part she is trying to teach him not to be one of those weirdly infatuated Nice Guys. It’s a fun story and he’s a pretty cool guy!

And being an Internet scribe who loves Conner and Palmiotti’s Harley Quinn comic, and possibly one of the only people on the Internet who thinks this is a big deal, I thought I’d chronicle their page-twisting, deep cutting new reveal! Someone’s got to let them know that we readers love and appreciate their nifty storytelling and long term character-building!

Join me after the jump!

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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 4/22/17

Lots of fun comics this week! Marvel kicks off Secret Empire, which I won’t be reviewing. And DC kicks off their next big Watchmen event in Batman, which I’ve decided to get back into reviewing. In fact, we’ve mostly got DC comics this week! A reversal of the norm!

Unfortunately for DC, the one Marvel comic I reviewed — Ms. Marvel #17 — wins Comic Book of the Week for some really fun bits! Like a day-saving video game session in the middle of a convenience store!

LAN Party 01

This is how Kamala Khan saves the world

Meanwhile, the opening salvo of Secret Empire came out this week, and while I don’t really review Big Events anymore, I’m digging it so far! I absolutely love the set-up and premise behind this event. Captain America has been brainwashed into being a secret bad guy, and he’s using his clout and heroism to build up a secret army to take over the world! And the rest of the heroes are going to need to band together against impossible odds to defeat and save their greatest champion.

That’s just good crossover storytelling! I liked all the issues that kicked off the event, I love the evil knife twists that Captain America pulls off, and I hope for an exciting ride.

Comic Reviews: Batman #21, Batwoman #2, Harley Quinn #18, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #14, Ms. Marvel #17 and The Wild Storm #3.

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