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The Captain American Sequel Has Made a Good Choice for Its Villain

The man who killed Captain America has been cast as the villain in Captain America: Winter Soldier. The villainous mercenary Crossbones will be played by Frank Grillo, who I’ve never heard of.

Surprisingly has very little to do with pirates

I think this is an awesome choice of villain! If you’ve been reading Captain America over the past few years, especially around the time he was killed after Civil War, then you know just how badass and mencing Crossbones can be. He’s a big, tough, brickhouse of a man, with a truly sinister mask. And best of all, he doesn’t have some silly superhero costume. He dresses like a badass mercenary, a perfect fit in the more realistic-looking Marvel Movieverse. Crossbones could be a really gritty foe, able to get up close and personal in a fight with Cap, which is just what the next movie needs.

As for Frank Grillo, I have no idea. Apparently he’s appeared in stuff like The Grey and End of Watch, but I haven’t seen either. Does anybody have any idea whether or not Grillo would be good in the role?

I doubt he has anything to do with pirates

For those of you who don’t know, the Winter Solder is actually Captain America’s sidekick, Bucky, who we all saw was killed in the first movie when he fell into that gorge. But as any comics fan will tell you: if there’s no body, he’s not dead. In the comics, Bucky’s body was recovered by the Soviets, and they turned him into a mind-controlled assassin. The name ‘Winter Soldier’ comes from the fact that they would put him in cryogenic freezing between missions, and unfreeze him every few years to kill somebody. This kept Bucky relatively young, and allows him to reappear in the modern day without being an 80-year-old geezer.

So if the new Captain America sequel follows the comic, we can bet that Bucky is going to be re-awakened in the modern day to face Captain America. In the comics, Bucky was woken up by the Red Skull, who was working with his henchman Crossbones and his daughter Sin. This was all part of a plot to destroy Cap, which included his assassination. Crossbones killed Cap with a sniper bullet on federal courthouse steps after Captain America was taken into custody following the superhero Civil War. Long story.

But with Crossbones now cast in the film, do you think we might see the death of Captain America? Or something similar?

He got better

And do you think Crossbones could carry a movie by himself? He’ll definitely be aided by the Winter Soldier, most likely. There’s been no word on whether or not the Red Skull would return, but actor Hugo Weaving has gone on record as saying he has no interest in returning to the role. I think that’s pretty much garbage, but then I have little patience for actors who consider themselves better than their roles.

Honestly though, I don’t even want the Red Skull to return for the sequel. He had his go, and definitely fit better when he could be surrounded by actual Nazis in World War II. Captain America is in the modern world now, and he should deal with modern problems. Leave the past in the past. He should face problems list terrorism and mercenary violence, so I think Crossbones is a great choice for the villain in Captain America: Winter Soldier.

What do you guys and girls think? Let me know in the comments!

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