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Just a Bunch MORE Trailers!

New York Comic-Con is still in full swing and we’ve got a bunch of more trailers to share, mostly for upcoming TV shows! I love trailers and I love sharing trailers!

First up, let’s check out the trailer for the upcoming Picard TV show, starring Captain Picard from Star Trek! I’ve never been a major Star Trek fan, but I’m enjoying Star Trek: Discovery, and will probably try out Picard.

I’m definitely a fan of this trend of bringing back original actors for revival shows. So keep it up, Hollywood!

And here’s our first proper look at the third season of Runaways! I’m really enjoying this show, and the third season looks to be good. I’m wondering if I should fully binge the Cloak and Dagger show to prepare myself for the crossover.

What shows are you henchies looking forward to? And I’ve got a bunch more trailers to share soon!


Check Out the Picard TV Show

I was never a Star Trek fan. Just wasn’t my thing growing up. But nowadays I’m a major consumer of all things geeky and TVish (though I have yet to see the second season of Star Trek: Discovery). Anyway, I’ll definitely be checking out this new Jean Luc Picard-based TV show when it comes out. This trailer is from Comic-Con last weekend.

Star Trek: Picard looks to be a fun revival-type show, where a bunch of classic Star Trek actors show back up to appeal to nostalgia and fan service. Along with the obvious Picard, we’re also getting Seven of Nine from Star Trek: Voyager, which is a nice touch! Data and Ryker are also scheduled to return. And if it’s popular, I’m sure a lot of people will be back.

Picard arrives on some streaming service or another early next year.


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