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I’ve Only Just Learned of the Awesomeness that is Pibby

So April Fool’s Day came and went this past Friday, and apparently Adult Swim did this whole thing where they have their shows invaded by a dangerous black static. It’s a crazy zombie horror thing, and is a fun way to do April Fool’s.

But in learning about this gag, I also learned about this little short for a show called Come and Learn with Pibby. It debuted last Halloween and I totally missed it! And I’m sad I did, because this looks rad as hell!

This looks awesome! Is there going to be a real Come and Learn with Pibby show? That would be bloody brilliant. Anyway, now that I know about Pibby, I’m very happy to share knowledge of Pibby with you, too.

And you can watch the entire block of Adult Swim glitch stuff right here.


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