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There Is Still Time for James Bond to Die

There’s still a new James Bond movie coming out. No Time To Die is — as of this post — sticking to its Oct. 8 release date, despite multiple delays due to the pandemic. They’re so confident in the release, there’s a new trailer out today. And sure enough, it looks like a character named James Bond is going to get up to various shooty stuff, with some car stuff as well.

So, like…are we supposed to remember everything that’s happened in Daniel Craig’s James Bond series? The last film came out six years ago! Am I really supposed to have remembered his love interest from that film and all of her various secrets? Let alone everything that happened in Quantum of Solace?

I guess I’ll find out in a couple of weeks!


James Bond is Getting Too Old For This

Believe it or not, there’s still a new James Bond movie scheduled to hit theaters in November. No Time To Die is still happening, so there’s still a brand new trailer coming out today!

Honestly, the only thing I was thinking about while watching this is that poor Daniel Craig looks, feels and sounds too old to be doing this. That’s not a knock on his age, just a commentary that the character is probably thinking, “I’m too old for this” while doing all these stunts. The stunts do look cool, but the movie looks kind of…generic? Maybe? I dunno. Just very simple, very quick action with no real discernible plot or storyline?

It’s also pretty presumptuous of No Time To Die to think we remember James Bond’s girlfriend from the last film, which came out five or so years ago. I remember the actor’s face…but I couldn’t tell you anything about who she was or why she’s important.

Here’s hoping we have movie theaters back in November.


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